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Conversations with change agents, outliers, superheros, and truly conscious leaders modeling what it is to be an unstoppable force for good and truth in this world. What lit these catalysts on fire to do their work, and what nuggets of wisdom can they share with a world literally on fire.

In this episode Stephanie covers:

  • The iterative process of meaning making, truth and trust
  • Four Meaning Making Lenses for Changing Times
  • Why trust, influence, and discernment are superpowers and how to master them
  • How to use the four agreements to work with these meaning making lenses
  • How intuition and discernment require self trust
  • A process for tapping into trust to arrive at the truth
  • A process for meaning making in these times when trust is low 
  • Why inner work builds trust not only with others yet helps them trust you
  • Trust and leadership for a new earth
  • Multidimensional leadership, trust and so much more!


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