Client Experience…

“For those who “are on mission” these times can feel significantly challenging. We need the expertise and care of others equipped to help us through the next phase of the ever evolving spiral upwards to fulfill our spirit’s journey here during this time.  Some moments feel like a make it or break it phase in our life. Stephanie is a shaman to guide you through those spiritual emergencies safely and faster. Her strength and capacity to hold energy and space with genuine connective care helps you move through and access your own mastery for rapid release and a higher level re-connection”

Susan Manewich
Founder & Director the NUI Foundation for Moral Technology

“What strikes me every time we speak is the sheer mastery Stephanie embodies capturing the essence of our endeavor, while holding and weaving duality – the masculine and feminine, the linear analytical and multidimensional, the strategy and soul – so naturally.

A gifted alchemist, she finds the eye in the storm, brings the clarity in chaos, holds calm when there is overwhelm, and always gives a kick in the ass when you need it.

It’s hard to use the name coach with Stephanie. She’s a Soul strategist and potent catalyst, with business and visionary acumen providing guidance every step of the way. I encourage anyone stepping into their next level of leadership to jump into this deep work with Stephanie. She wears all the hats with ease and poise, and is a true partner on your journey.” 

Katharina Mohr de Yacate
Founder, Serving Life

Working with Stephanie was extraordinary. I thought I was embarking on a journey of greater self awareness, empowerment and high level business coaching. As executive director of a non-profit, I was feeling stuck and misaligned with purpose and not rightly compensated, yet I wasn’t able to access my true value. Stephanie’s practical yet unique and non linear approach activated a power in me I had not accessed before. She held space for me to see me, like really who I am, what deeply tangible and impactful things I’ve accomplished, and the value I bring as senior leader of an organization providing critical services to an underserved community.

Stephanie brings many tools to her art, including the Journey of Increase which is nothing short of miraculous in its ability to guide you to expansion in unexpected ways. It’s grounded me in a place of certainty and doubt and worry no longer hover like an old friend.

Along with solidly healing old wounds, traumas, mindsets and beliefs, I’ve reclaimed my spiritual connection with life on a deeper level, while manifesting at speeds I sometimes find hard to believe! With Stephanie’s guidance, I doubled my income ask, boldly asked for what I need and have stopped overworking to burnout. I feel alive, on purpose, and totally psyched for this next chapter of my life. I know my power and that’s priceless.”

JB Moore,

Executive Director NGO

My journey through the Evolve program brought me more than I expected. First it helped me find a true alignment in my life (integrating both personal and professional areas) and reflect on what I had done in the past and how it could help me in the future where I envisioned a more impactful endeavor. I realized what were the limitations that I was putting on myself and all my projects, and how I could go above them and define my impact journey.

It gave me the tools and willingness to pursue my higher purpose with a newly gained confidence, to realise my value to its fullest, and to see what real impact I was having and could have at a bigger scale on the world. It was a deep transformation, from within, that changed the relationship to myself and to my family members, then to others around.

Stephanie is a coach with multiple hats (professional, personal, impact, strategist, soul guide, etc) and in the end one only: the support to realize oneself which can only be the case when one is fully aligned on all these levels.

I am in a totally different place than I was before the working with Stephanie through the EVOLVE Program. I’m more confident, happier, and aligned because I’m totally fulfilled in my work and the impact I’m creating, plus at a place of peace and happiness with the people that are most important to me – including myself.”

Cecile Sother

Founder & Principle, Sabi Fund

“I was wondering what my next career path should be. I felt stuck and cynical about what I could and could not do given my former success and current identity. I could not see the possibilities that lay ahead of me. As a result of Stephanie’s guidance in the EVOLVE Program, I am now clear on my purpose, with a crystalized vision for my next professional steps and am well along the way to starting two businesses in the health and travel industries.

Through our work I have relieved myself of the guilt I felt about not following previous expectations that I had of myself due to societal, family, or self-imposed pressures. Overall, I see the future more clearly and I have both the confidence and the tools to work on my next evolved self and the career paths that will prove both rewarding to me and I believe, helpful to others.

It’s rare to find someone who combines more common skills such as business/leadership coaching with more shamanic /meditative elements as well as wellness and more. Stephanie is unique and I always left each session with lots to think about and to work on. She is extremely empathetic and can truly tailor each session to whatever she and I felt was most needed each time. She always provided me with questions and materials that helped me feel challenged yet able to work at my own pace. 

Paolo Fresia

Impact Investor, Inspirer of exploration and deep healing

“I had just quit an executive role at a large investment firm to start my own company focused on investing in climate solutions. Starting my own company focused on purpose was a life dream and I wanted to work with a coach to drop into the right mindset as I was embarking. I had some fear surrounding the launch and life shift as well as anger I wanted to release as I built my own endeavor. It was important for me that what I was creating was a reflection of the goodness I wanted to inspire in others.

Stephanie was consistently both an inspiration and a source for grounding, guiding me through the unfolding of the launch. She has a beautiful way of leading you to your greatest potential without pushing or making it about her. It’s a complicated balance that she handled perfectly. I also appreciated how much access I had to her on a regular basis. Coaching is often fluid and I was able to tap into her energy when I needed it. Through her guidance and coaching, I was able to establish my firm, bring on several partners, and also importantly release some toxic relationships and mindsets that we’re holding me back.

Heather Beatty 

Founder of ScopeFour Capital

Before working with Stephanie I was challenged by my perceived “never enough” mindset, and not having a renewable source of fire within me to create the impact I desired. Stephanie continuously shows up in a manner that is safe, encouraging, positive, empathetic, and elicits what is needed from the spectrum of courage to vulnerability. At the same time, she can also give you a hard knock of truth medicine with grace to set you on your right path. Our work together supported me to have courageous conversations that enabled deep healing and deeper relationships. I was able to draw boundaries and establish sovereignty to come into my own power and purpose. My ability to show up and influence authentically increased. I’ve received rituals and practices that have become central to connecting my spiritual core to my work and fundamentally are woven into my life’s toolbox. I aligned personal values to the professional sphere of impact and several new strategic initiatives were launched. I highly recommend this work with Stephanie.

Anonymous Client

Executive Leadership / C-Suite / Board 

Stephanie is one of the most intuitive and visionary colleagues with whom I have ever worked. She is grounded in the practicality of getting things done to make impact and balances that with the aspirational goal of raising our overall level of consciousness. A lack of congruence is one of the key issues facing the impact investing ecosphere – we must be living and participating in a way that is aligned with the change we want to make through capital allocation. She is open to your different world view while guiding toward the ideal of congruence. If you would like to dig deeper into your own self awareness, better articulate your purpose, and drive your own story to increase your potential to do good in this world, Stephanie is your gal.

Emilie Cortes, CFA, CAIA

Fractional CFO, Treasurer at Compton Foundation

Stephanie always sees the bigger vision and helps me see and take big quantum leaps. Her clarity and decisive powers are whip smart and the value she pours into our coaching container always seems to multiply exponentially. My biggest challenge before working together was confusion about how to leverage and prioritize all the many ideas and offerings I’ve created in my career. Stephanie’s strategic insight, masterful space holding and consistently present support helped me with my focus while upleveling my wealth potential. I am so grateful for our work and highly recommend her expert coaching and transformational support to anyone who is ready to soar their success – inside and out!”

Lucinda Rae

Prosperity Brand Designer & Visibility Mentor

“I highly recommend working with Stephanie. Coaching with her was a unique and amazing experience. She met me where I was at and pushed me way past what I thought I couldn’t do and I’m super grateful for the momentum and shift in my life, my business. I’ve never been coached before, I don’t know if anything can compare. The experience working with Stephanie was exactly what I needed to take my life’s work and company to the next level.”

Denise Bozza
Founder, CEO – Bozza Yoga

​”Stephanie has been my “legal midwife,” helping me create the structures and licensing agreements I needed to get my methodology out into the world.   That was a piece of the creation process that was holding back the birthing of my body of work, in ways I wasn’t really even seeing.  Stephanie’s business acumen as well as her understanding of my creative process, helped translate my intentions into legal language that I feel amazing about.  Working with her helped me move through a portal into the next level of my impact and I couldn’t have done it without her. ” 

Anne Rose Hart,
Founder, Quantum Play Institute

​“When you know it is time 10x your value and worth, but you don’t have a plan or the language to support it, please give Stephanie Trager a call. I thought I was calling for a legal strategy and In just one hour Stephanie helped me to tease out a clear and compelling offer and a solid pricing structure with a kick butt legal strategy. But we didn’t end there, she coached me to create a blueprint to run an important call with confidence.

Sue Gatti,
CEO of ImmixID Consulting.

​”Not only was my licensing contract created, the full legal and business strategy for my program came with it. Completed all of this in less than a month! As an international speaker, Stephanie also advised me in contracting with international vendors, reviewed, improved and drafted agreements and coached me on leveraging opportunities. I got more than legal support, I got a full-service mindset and spiritual coaching, energy medicine sessions, business strategy and legal support team walking me through every step of the way. I’ve never met anyone who can wear so many hats and laser in on exactly what I need when I need it.”

Regina Huber,
CEO, Transform Your Performance

Within two sessions I became super clear on the most aligned, inspired, and impact-full path, and instantly the universe delivered. Whilst my mentorship with Stephanie was brief, the impact was huge. Doors opened, I said Yes to huge opportunities. Her guidance led me to step through those doors with an even greater vision of the potential and belief in the path that was opening up. Grounded and quantum. Strategic and heart-centered. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone ready to expand, say Yes, receive laser sharp strategy and intuitive insight, and to step-up to their mission and vision with even greater ease, power & grace. My new mantra is, “This gets to be easy!” & it’s amazing how true that has become for me!.”

Greer Ashley-Christos

“As a passionate engineer with a PhD, I realized I knew little about becoming a leader in a lucrative consulting practice. Working with Stephanie, who came with glowing recommendations, made me realize I needed more than legal and financial skills, I needed a complete mental and emotional shift about how I viewed myself and my profession. 

Week by week for 7 months, Stephanie helped me build my confidence and make sense of the overwhelming cloud of “things I don’t know”, while providing a constant stream of positive encouragement and validation of my progress. She had a strategy for everything.  

Stephanie’s approach combined the strategic, legal and business rigor I needed to protect my company and my intellectual property, with the introspection, empowerment and personalization that allowed me to  grow professionally and launch a company I truly and passionately love.”

Kate Stephenson, PhD
Principle, Dyad Engineering

“Stephanie’s coaching, mentorship, leadership, professionalism and healing capabilities blend to one transformative elixir. While working together, Stephanie helped unleash my potential and create an impact that will ripple through my life for years and years to come. Through working with her, I now have a flourishing business! Highly recommend.”

Lauren Baptiste,
CEO Creative Founder, Alcheloa Wellness

“Working with Stephanie was an eye-opening experience. I needed to breakthrough where I was and get to my next level. From our first session together I was thinking differently, speaking differently, and integrating new habits, skills, and behaviors. Stephanie has a unique body of wisdom and knowledge that helps you with positioning and gaining a competitive edge- always finding a way to do good! I felt confident early on I made the right decision. She has a logical approach that is anything but logical. It allowed me to trust and surrender to the process, tuning in to my own internal source for what I needed in order to recalibrate and align with new energy. We all have the answers within but it was really clear Stephanie helped me evoke that inner power. We developed success strategies that worked. 

​The best part is that I felt balanced and certain again. Stephanie inspired me with new practices for eliminating distractions that were blocking my progress. I’m now looking at problems and obstacles as puzzles that I can figure out with the right approach- thanks for the opportunity I had coaching with Stephanie to really dive into my blind-spots. In a short period, I’ve started thinking way more outside the box and it’s paying off. If you need a fresh start or are stuck in your progress with old habits, I highly recommend Stephanie. She’ll quickly re-awaken new approaches within you. Her strategies make sense and can be easily applied for all avenues of life, not just the workplace because discovering who you are- affects the happiness in your life and from there, you can thrive!”

Dan Fusco
Senior Vice President, Toppan Merrill

“Stephanie is a true advocate for her clients, a mindful and creative strategist and takes a stand in what she believes in. She inspires and motivates others to move beyond what they believe is possible in all areas of their lives, their businesses and how they show up in the world. If she does not know about an issue she will do whatever it takes to learn- a sign of her integrity. She’s a leader and a passionate advocate for sustainability and corporate responsibility and has a knack for calling things out well before they become the status quo.

She’s someone that gets things done and motivate others to get things done. If she does not know about an issue she will do whatever it takes to learn about it. She has a passion for living a green and ethical life and helping others to do so as well.

Marc Miner, Esq.

Zalman, Shnurman & Miner

“Working with you is like doing a university-level course. Intense. And I love it! I’m pushing against the old and sometimes it feels weird and discombobulating but already I’m experiencing seismic change! Thanks for helping me, pushing me, and making me think! We see the difference at work, and I see the difference in my business and life.”

Marcia. Mayne,
Compliance, SMBC + Social Impact Entrepreneur

“Stephanie has the brilliant combination of intelligence, intuition, curiosity and passion to bring the best out of you. I gained significant clarity and confidence, as well as a leadership mindset and thought leadership toolkit to move my ESG initiatives forward that will serve me in the decades to come. I highly recommend Stephanie as a sustainability advisor, and as an executive leadership coach.”

Victoria Shelton,
ESG Institutional Business Development Manager, Amundi

“You really impacted me in that session. It made a huge difference for our organization”

V. Pinheiro,
Deputy Director of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for the UN (New York)

“I would put coaching with Stephanie on the same level of impact as achieving advanced degree. She has helped me achieve a radical improvement in my leadership capabilities, uncover purpose and align my career path, plus I have experienced a massive shift in my personal life- and I continue to accelerate this growth through our work together. Shortly after joining a two-year-old team in a Fortune 500 global company, which I knew was a huge opportunity to shape my career and impact a Global Organization, I realized my aspirations for the role and high achievement potential, where quashed with the day-to-day reality. I spent a huge amount of time far from the objective in confusion, stress, loss of sleep, and lacking in support and direction. This was easily the loneliest time of my life. With loads of anxiety and low self-confidence I sought out Stephanie by recommendation of a colleague and in one week I noticed a major measurable impact on my leadership capabilities, productivity and communication skills.

We created frameworks to provide structure for new situations. It enabled me to start asking the right questions, uncovering new answers and gaining real measurable progress for myself and my team. She was especially helpful in creating communication strategies which have helped catapult me into the change management role I’m in now. Both interpersonal and internal organizational communications have improved hugely and I am now more optimistic, curious and self-assured. And, I no longer assume I’m doing ‘it’ the wrong way. I am way more comfortable entering new situations with people who are a lot more experienced than I am. I am confident asking questions to gain the clarity I need to be productive in any conversation.

Everything has improved -like 100-fold. Next year, I am stepping into a more strategic position as the Change Management & Communications lead. This is fully aligned to my career path that I uncovered with Stephanie. The Roi was a no brainer. The investment paid for itself one trillion times over, in the first week!. Stephanie has very quickly helped me become the best version of myself helping me evolve into a more aware, strategic, generous, and happy person. Because of our work, I am creating my dream life and really living it, and this is not cliché. Our focus on peak performance, leadership development, clarity of purpose and career direction was always coupled with her gift for strategy, guiding me through new curves in my work load. My confidence grew along with added work responsibilities including managing financials, internal relationships with procurement, organizational design, change management and communications, resourcing, portfolio management and have shaped the end-to-end operational system of our global program. I have gained the full trust of my team and feel their respect as a valuable leader.

I want to thank Stephanie for helping me develop new strengths, capabilities and awareness. With each session she blows me away with new techniques, skills, strategies, knowledge transfer, breakthroughs and new awarenesses that create quick and vast improvements in my work and my life. I’m actualizing my goals and beyond!!
I feel happier, more self-assured and really excited about my own future! Through this coaching I’ve gained critical skills that have set me up to create a really fulfilling career. Working with Stephanie has  shifted my perspective of success; now my life reflects my true values, my potential feels unleashed, and I am confidently enjoying this part of the journey.

It’s all up from here!! I highly recommend working with Stephanie.”

Harriet Bond,
Change Mangement & Communcations Global Manager

​”Stephanie is the real deal when it comes to taking your personal power and business success to the next level. She’s a powerhouse on the move always proving to be bold and true to her mission to guide leaders in business to achieve both inner and outer success.  Stephanie has proven to be a highly creative individual sure to bring ingenuity and big ideas to any organization, leader or business owner ready to take their personal and business lives to the next level. 

Roy Dwyer, 
Founder and Senior Partner, Dwyer Williams & Potter

​”When I decided to create my train the trainer program, Powerful Leadership Transformation™, I had a vague idea of where to start and knew I’d need a lawyer to help protect my content. I contacted Stephanie Trager (Trager Law PLLC) and was blown away by the support I received. Not only was my licensing contract created, the full legal and overall business strategy for my program came with it. Completed all of this in less than a month! As an international speaker, Stephanie also advised me in contracting with international vendors, reviewed, improved and drafted agreements and coached me on leveraging opportunities. I got more than legal support, I got a full-service mindset coaching, business strategy and legal support team walking me through every step of the way. I highly recommend working with Trager Law PLLC. Stephanie is the real deal. She understands not only the legal side but also the business side of what I needed.”

Regina Huber
President, Transform Your Performance

“Stephanie has the unique ability to highlight and focus on your real opportunities while overcoming obstacles for you and your business. After working with Stephanie for nearly a year she has become an integral part of my personal and business success. I started working with Stephanie at the start of building my business and I was more nervous than excited about my new venture. After working with Stephanie, she helped me see and develop the tools and insights to promote myself with confidence as an expert in the Medical Device field. After 6 months working with Stephanie, I felt like the real me had emerged with excitement and momentum that I did not think was possible. I was able to focus my business and grow it into something that reflected my passion and unique talents. She has an uncanny ability to reach a deep understanding of you paired with passion for your well-being. Her coaching will not only improve your business, but also personal relationships. I highly recommend her to other business owners and leaders to get their business/careers to the next level.”

Jayme Coates,
CEO, The Luxe Group

As our strategic advisor and coach, Stephanie has powerfully contributed to the advancement of the Mercury Free Mining Challenge. Our initiative is conducting a global competition and will award a $1M USD prize to the team that discovers a suitable alternative to toxic mercury use by some 20 million miners subsistence gold miners.

The Challenge is a sizeable and complex undertaking, and Stephanie has helped us stay focused on the desired outcomes and follow through on the strategic actions that will make the greatest difference. She is a fierce and unwavering in her stand for our success, relentless in her resolve that we win in the ways that matter to us.

I am pleased to recommend Stephanie to anyone who is up to big things and would benefit from having an insightful, skilled and passionate ally on their team.

Toby Pomeroy,
Founder, Mercury Free Mining

“Stephanie has been my coach for the best part of the last year and what I love most about her is the unique blend of business knowledge, spiritual acumen, and intuitive nature she brings to her coaching sessions.
She understands her clients very well and she adjust for your needs quickly and proactively. She brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to each sessions, she is very generous with her time and very available when you need her most. Stephanie methodology is very unique and very well suited for business men and women who need not only to grown in their career but also want to pursue a journey of personal growth and balance.”

Giorgia Favaretto
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing Operations at Thomson Reuters

“Thank YOU, Stephanie. Working with you has expanded me in ways I never thought possible. You’ve helped me see and believe in and manifest the merest twinkling of imagination into reality. You’ve also been patient and persistent to ensure a break-through, and for all I am infinitely grateful!”

Anna Ruth Henriques

“My confidence is up 80%! I find our coaching and your input invaluable and see you as a valuable part of my team.”

​Jayme Coates
CEO, The Luxi Group 

“Before I met with Stephanie I had the impression that work was ok and I was on a decent path.  Yet something always felt incomplete or missing.  During our day together I experienced many levels of awareness, awakening and understanding exponentially more about myself, my alignment and my self imposed limiting factors.  Before I left the retreat I had a crystal clear understanding of my power and ability along with a clear view of where I was holding myself back.

Together we created an action plan, framework and support systems to keep me focused and successful.  In the month following our retreat I have double my revenue and income, lost 18 pounds, feel great and so much more is already mine and just steps away from realization.  Stephanie has been a source of consistent support and motivational guidance and I am exponentially better off than I ever imagined possible.  All of this in weeks!  Amazing!  Simply amazing!”

Michael Landau
Vice President, EMagSolutions

Stephanie is a problem solver extraordinaire and brilliant coach. Her perspectives take you way outside the box and always align with the bigger agenda. She has a gift for seeing ways to leverage opportunity with a big ROI and the most rewarding part about her coaching is the personal evolution you’ll gain along the way. I highly recommend working with her!”

Kimberly Rosenberg
Senior Executive Producer 
Fox News Channel

I sought out Stephanie’s help because I needed more clarity and support in both my professional and personal life. I could not have predicted all the challenges that would transpire in my life over the more than twelve months that we have been working together — and she has been there for me the whole way — helping me to navigate many difficult and pivotal moments, and to unearth/revive my goals and purpose. Stephanie brings exceptional intelligence, empathy, intuition, knowledge, caring, warmth and humor to the coaching process. I have entrusted her with so much about my life, and, in return, she has given me perceptive advice, feedback, and encouragement, and has held my thoughts and feelings with grace. She is awesome.”

​-Attorney, Confidentiality Respected

“Before I started working with Stephanie I knew I needed to breakthrough paralyzing beliefs I had about money in order to succeed in my business. It was affecting my confidence and success feeling stuck when it came to earning more money. I didn’t realize how my hidden beliefs played such a part. I am profoundly grateful to Stephanie for how I feel now. Last month was my highest earning month ever and I feel like a new person!  What held me back all my life feels like it’s gone. I feel successful and confident and I’m enjoying my work so much more than before.”

I’ve worked with several other coaches but I wasn’t able to break through this tough stuff around money and value and how to strategically leverage it all.  I’m so glad that I said yes to working with Stephanie.  What seems so obvious to me now was  foreign to me before and It shows as I effortlessly speak about my work which is so much more aligned with my purpose than ever before. A huge gift of our work together was to stop compartmentalizing myself and own all of who I am and what I bring to the table in working with clients.  Now I am fully owning my value, offering amazing programs and packages that Stephanie helped me create and I’ve raised my fees to reflect the value I bring my clients. Stephanie’s coaching with the sales conversation has changed my paradigm and how I approach offering gifts and talents like nothing ever before and my results speak for it!

Irene Gutmann
Purpose & Marketing Coach

(Excerpt from a personal client note)
“I’m incredibly grateful for who you are – your love, devotion, and utter belief in me has been such a gift.   I value myself more because you did and I had faith in you.  I see my gold because you saw it and helped me to own it.  You have thought about me in meditation, in between sessions, and in prepping for our work and in doing the work.  I really feel that you are all in – with your heart, mind and spirit.

Of course you have all these gifts and you used so many gifts in working with me – your intelligence, insight, strength, love, compassion, humor, integrity, tons of knowledge, etc. etc.  Yes you are very gifted but it is your generosity of spirit in the way that  you use your gifts that makes you really a special coach. “

-Awesome Client

“Right when I embarked on my journey of self-discovery life as I knew it suddenly changed. I realized I needed a ‘business coach.’ Looking for guidance to grow my business, I engaged in conversations with tons of different coaches. Something was pulling me towards Stephanie and it wasn’t until I experienced her magic at her full day event that I knew I needed to work with her.  I stepped into her 8 week group coaching program and from there I was a definite yes to working with Stephanie privately in BLAZE, her 6 Month Coaching Program.

Stephanie’s ability to help me realize how I could monetize my passion was a match I couldn’t find elsewhere. With her I felt a strong spiritual and business connection. And so the challenge began…She had an ability to give me exactly what I needed when I needed it-going above and beyond what it said was ‘included’ in the ‘program’. I stretched myself in so many ways in so many areas of my life and so did Stephanie. My biggest blocks, she broke through. I broke through. I felt supported. I think I was one of Stephanie’s most challenging clients!

What truly allowed me to embody the breakthroughs and flourish was the integrity and grace with which Stephanie held space. While I thought all I needed were strategies and marketing plans, I got SO much more.  I often laughed and said therapy was included.    

She has a gift with words which enabled me to quickly embrace her guidance and put it all into practice.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Stephanie.  She had me covered on so many levels. It has allowed me to receive differently, give differently, think differently.  The more I invest in myself, the better I serve my clients, family and friends.  I look forward to working with her again in the near future and I recommend you do to! At least have a conversation with her and experience your breakthrough. You definitely will.”

Jamie Galvis
Styling Your Space

I get the most from my work with Stephanie because, yes she is a shaman and an entrepreneur, who has great ideas that are a combo of alchemical, confident, dynamic, adventurous, light-hearted, intelligent, sparky, and connective. I don’t see anyone else operating with that mix of ingredients in my local universe. And I appreciate Stephanie for all of that!”

Sharon Burch

“You are awesome!  Your guidance and coaching six weeks ago gave me the boost I needed.  I just took a $2 mm opportunity and pitched it as no less than $4mm and no blinks! 

Senior VP Technology Company

“I just signed my first of two consulting contracts and the first call I made was to Stephanie. She’s helped me make it happen. Before I started my consultancy I had no idea where to start, how to position myself, who to target- or how, and more importantly, how to rationale this new career chapter as an entrepreneur. Leaving a comfortable salary in corporate I wasn’t sure how I was going to make my goals happen. Stephanie guided me 1000% of the way and in just 6 months I’ve created a flourishing business, with a distinct marketing message and marketing plan. I’ve crafted winning proposals that have landed me lucrative consulting contracts which are incredibly significant monetarily and personally! It’s validation that I made the right decision, and that I had the right person in Stephanie.

Without Stephanie helping me along in this new chapter I believe I would still be floundering. She taught me how to celebrate small wins, how to value myself, and how to take time for self-care. I’ve learned and now embody so many new things I would never have known. I highly recommend Stephanie to everyone who has a dream and wants to make it happen.”

Marissa Fayer
​President, Fayer Consulting LLC

“Stephanie’s results-oriented coaching and advice were quite valuable when I turned to her for help with several proposals I was working on which turned out to land successful contracts. I especially appreciated her skill at coaching on sales.”

John Rumley
Business Development Consultant

“Before I worked with Stephanie I had a thriving practice, packed calendar…and I was MISERABLE. When I started my own firm I thought I would hit a certain financial success and THEN I would be happy. Hitting those numbers came and went and I just kept setting bigger numbers, higher goals, but it never filled that void inside. I have worked with other coaches and mentors in the past, and I was used to being sent white papers, strategizing and ticking off results so when Stephanie asked me questions about my vision, my money story and what my spirit needed I rebelled a bit.

She kept right on challenging me and today I am back in touch with my “big why” for starting an elder law practice in the first place. I have always passionately advocated for my clients but I am attracting the right clients and able to turn away the wrong clients; I used to operate from a place of obligation and now I truly make sure someone is the right fit for our style of firm. I’m happier and my clients are thrilled. I’m back in touch with what drives me, and it is not just the money (although I doubled my gross receipts the month after we started working together and I do not think it is a coincidence). So glad I followed my intuition and reached out to Stephanie!”

Lisa Powers
The Powers Law Firm

​Blending Stephanie’s own passion and pursuit about how to help people focus on finding, or developing, their dreams, Stephanie employs an intellectual, experiential approach along with a heart-centered focus. Stephanie’s Success Shaman seminar is a one-of-a-kind creative way to help you practically, and professionally, manifest your heart’s desire. I highly recommend Stephanie as my career has benefited tremendously from her enjoyable interactive and productive workshop plus I appreciate all the value she provided and her exceptional marketing, sales and connecting skills.”
Victoria Woolley Parry,
President of Parry Properties
 and Licensed Real Estate ​

Stephanie is the real deal when it comes to taking your personal power and business success to the next level. She’s a powerhouse on the move always proving to be bold and true to her mission to guide leaders in business to achieve both inner and outer success.  Stephanie has proven to be a highly creative individual sure to bring ingenuity and big ideas to any organization, leader or business owner ready to take their personal and business lives to the next level.”

Roy Dwyer, 
Founder and Senior Partner, 
Dwyer Williams & Potter

“Stephanie connects to your inner soul to find that place in you that sets you free to move forward and connect to your dream, your gift, and your purpose.  She will help you “blaze” through your mental road blocks moving you forward soulfully to claim your place and your voice.”

Nancy Devogel
Corporate trainer, Consultant & Sleep Expert

“Stephanie is a gifted coach with an incredible energy about her which will inspire you to play big and true to your heart. If you’re looking for direction with business packaging and content design to deliver your expertise through high value offers, she can do this stuff in her sleep! I highly recommend her.”

Rachel Henke
Magnetic Branding Mentor and Author of The Niche Expert

“Stephanie is a straight arrow, brilliant and 100% dedicated to personal and professional transformation. I experience her as being relentlessly supportive, insightful, always caring and good hearted. Both practical and playful (I want to say “outrageous”), her laser vision is results oriented, time saving and focused on task. She is a pleasure to work with!

She is versatile, forward thinking and one who “lasers in” on the gaps and opportunities others miss. Stephanie’s a whip at business strategy and quickly addresses blind spots, masterfully coaching the breakthrough. She conveys complex concepts in relevant and useful ways and can create, wordsmith, and polish a document faster than anyone I know. I’m impressed by her quick mind, tenacity and commitment to sustainability and a better world. I highly recommend working with Stephanie or having her on your team.” 

Rose Harrow
Rose Harrow Coaching

 “Stephanie is an amazing coach, her personalized style of bringing out your uniqueness, qualities and confidence is incredible. It is as if a bubble of wonderfulness has been created around you so that only you can take that step and allow nothing else to interfere. I highly recommend meeting with Stephanie and learning new things about yourself that you get to grow from every day. I am so grateful for my Intensive Retreat Day!”

Stacie Muller
Creative Images of Life

“Stephanie is kind, fierce- in the best possible way, highly intelligent, loving,- She’s amazing with groups and individuals. With sensitivity, she guides people to greater awareness of their gifts. She’s amazing at bringing light to personal and business environments. Stephanie’s exceptional at helping others move into and through challenging moments. She’s like a spiritual midwife. If you’re looking to birth a new personal direction or, perhaps, a career shift, she’s a soul to be counted upon for guidance and mentorship. Stephanie’s a gem.”

Zazz Daniel

“Stephanie has this gift that guides you to the truth very quickly. My work with her around money resulted in unbelievable prosperity. Doors opened immediately and everywhere in a short period of time. It was quite magical.” 

Lynette Ruppert

You have shown me the path to create this business and live my dream. You showed me a way to change my thoughts to embrace my vision with confidence while relieving any anxiety around starting anew because it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years!”


“Stephanie’s unique model of archetypes is original and changed the way I do money in my life. Her innovative approach prompted insights that opened up a new way I think, do, relate to, and create money in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Stephanie!” 

Jane Meyers Hiatt

“In just three months of working with Stephanie I broke through blocks I have had for years. I was finally able to sleep! I’m thrilled I found Stephanie~ this great coach who really listens and honors who I am, while guiding me to greater joy and success! Thank you for deeply and fully showing up every single time you communicate with me or I with you Stephanie!!!”

Dorothy Johnson

“In working with me on defining and launching my business, Stephanie helped me get to the core of the work I do, which wasn’t easy for me to define. Her amazing ability to cut through to great ideas and words, with both her intuition and her sharp business sense, helped me effectively and concisely clarify and relay my message. I became fearless and clear in our sessions together, which helps me move forward with ease and excitement, leaving behind confusion or trepidation. I so enjoy working with Stephanie – she has been a blessing in my life!”

Beth Hattenberger

My VIP intensive Day with Stephanie went by in 5 minutes! During our time together, Stephanie guided me through a process where I was able to fully understand my divine purpose. I then learned how to translate that purpose directly into a business model. Through Stephanie’s exercises, I discovered the key words that most powerfully represent what I offer. Now those key words have organically become copy for my website and my promotional materials. Thanks to Stephanie for taking the daunting task of career change and making it feel possible!”

Diane Allen

“My Full Intensive Day with Stephanie helped me clarify who I am beyond my job title and what I have to offer clients, which is so much more than I originally thought! I’ve been able to create a clear and concise marketing message and embody a new presence which better defines who I am as a business person.  Working with Stephanie gave me the framework to develop my programs and all their components. I now confidently offer my clients a benefit they deeply value while charging what I’m worth.  Thank you Stephanie!”

Maria Quici, MS, CCC-SLP

“Stephanie’s extensive knowledge of natural healing and remedies coupled with her 
innate ability to connect with people on a deep spiritual level, makes her a genuine healer. 
Even from across the continent she was able to guide me to a path of clearing and balance!  
Stephanie is intuitive and sensitive – and I am indebted to her for what she has shown me about myself!”

Joanna Powell, NY

Stephanie truly helped me crystalize my vision and find my voice when it came to building my business and helping others. Her pointed and intuitive questions helped me see what I was doing and exactly how I could improve. The clarity Stephanie helped me gain has allowed me to share my passion so others are fully able to hear what I have to share. I am super grateful for her willingness as my mentor to ALWAYS be there for me. Stephanie and her wisdom are truly a blessing.”

Maria Spiering Locatell

“Love Stephanie’s to-the-point style. She quickly articulated some of my hidden money issues. I have a clearer sense of how to separate money from love and acceptance in my life. I can’t thank you enough, Stephanie!”

Africa Archield

Stephanie’s coaching is so powerful, it literally knocked me off my seat! The result has been a huge increase in my income this year. My amazing breakthrough has changed the way I experience Money in my business and life and unlocked incredible prosperity very quickly. The gifts you will receive by experiencing Stephanie’s work are invaluable.”

Karmen Reed

Thanks for everything you have shown me Stephanie. You have been pivotal and extremely instrumental in helping me open my eyes and my mind to the blocks I’ve had in my life around money, relationships and my business. I love what you do and am honored to be associated with you. Thank you so much!”

Janice Debo

​”I’ve had about money my whole life.  In our first coaching session, she guided me to have an amazing breakthrough! Thank you Stephanie!  You are great at what you do!”

Rebecca Shaw, CCH

“Stephanie has been instrumental in guiding me in the creation of my business and through many initial blocks she helped me birth and unfold my first program to help women heal from Fibromyalgia. She guided me through my fears and some deep blocks around stepping into an empowered place around money, my value and my special gifts. I have transformed through our work together.”

Mari Prator 

Thanks so much for your wonderful coaching. Brilliant!!!”


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Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.