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Ready to Expand In Your Next Evolution?

Welcome to a deep portal of transformation. For you who is asking what’s next?  “What is my next evolution in this one epic life?” How? “

How will I navigate this transition, this identity shift, giant leap, or massive change?” “What is the deeper impact calling me forth?” “What’s mine to say and do?” Why? “Who am I now and what am I really here to do?” 

We dive in at the deepest quantum level, getting to the root of any resistance, strategizing, and breaking through the inner growth edges that hold you back, edge after edge, after edge. 

These programs offer you an opportunity to invest in yourself and the awakening of consciousness on this planet. Let’s explore a deep and expansive journey that will take you where you haven’t gone before.


Ways we work together 1:1

  • Private 3, 6, or 12 month coaching and evolutionary programs
  • Impact Strategy and Advisory
  • Return to Self’ or the ‘Deeper Impact Intensive‘ bespoke two day in person retreat – an in person inner and outer adventure beyond your growth edge
  • The Deep Dive, a 90 minute private session / consultation

*Our work is bespoke and highly tailored to your unique needs.

1:1 Deep Dive Session

For this 90 minute session you’ll work with an insights assessment to guide you in articulating your deepest questions seeking answers at this time.

In our 90 minutes together we may cover anything in depth or more topics in width – according to what is needing most attention. You can split this call into a 60 minute call with 30 minute follow up.

Topics may include: Your higher purpose work at this time, sacred leadership, business strategy, impact strategy, messaging, positioning, negotiation, relationship with wealth, manifesting, self mastery, offerings of your soul work, embodying your unique gifts, creative planning, problem solving, relationship and family dynamics, conscious influence, team dynamics, visioning and clarity, your spiritual gifts, what you’re here to do. We may talk about health and wellness strategies, your physical energy, spiritual awakening, mediumship or futurist questions, or anything else!

Explore Offerings

You’re life is good and now, you’re ready for your next level of greatness. You’ve made your mark or two and something new is calling your forward. It’s the call of your Soul and the call of deeper impact as a human in a body in this time in space. Are you ready for a journey that will take you where you haven’t gone before?

SOUL MASTERY – 6 month program

SOUL MASTERY & DEEPER IMPACT – 12 month program


JOURNEY OF INCREASE – 3 month Program 

Ready to exponentially expand and evolve in your business, leadership & life

Program Options include a private container including variations on the following support:

  • In person or virtual Retreat Day with Stephanie 
  • Return to Self of Impact Strategy in person private Retreat with Stephanie
  • Virtual Deep Dives
  • Weekly sessions 3 x per month
  • Breakthrough calls as needed -15 min laser sessions)
  • Voice messaging on demand for instant coaching, sound boarding, strategy, clarity, transformation, and support
  • Bespoke content journey for one of the 4 pillars of EVOLVE or relevant business & deeper impact templates and tools for engaging, useful, and life and business altering growth
  • Relevant resources, tools and network introductions along the way

Pricing varies depending on the path you choose. Request an alignment call to explore if we’re a fit and discuss options. If you’re feeling the call, I’m soooo excited to connect with you!


Impact Advisory

For 30 years I’ve been advocating for environmental and social justice, systems change and living in harmony with nature. I’m a futurist, strategist, purpose whisperer, attorney, and passionate about bridging sovereign wellness, regenerative food, social impact, conscious business, environmental sustainability, the future of frequencies, biogeometry, consciousness, awakened leadership, ancient intelligence, and systems impact since way before the SDGs, with a deep dot connecting awareness of the unintended consequences of well intended innovation. 

As a voice for dismantling bias, with a legal resume spanning first amendment law, international human rights, environmental issues, M&A, and corporate litigation, I’ve been an activist since the 90s and bring decades of expertise, insight and an eclectic mix of training and education to solve for gaps in the soul of an organization, positioning of a movement, education of a board, and strategy of a business.

I work with impact funds, HNW and UHNW individuals and family offices, C-Suite executives, founders, and impact thought leaders. Let’s explore how I may serve you or your organization in your next evolution of ‘real deal’ impact – from the inside and out. 

This work is not a quick fix.

We dive deep and build an intimate relationship. We spend a considerable amount of time in meaningful conversation before we step into the work together for us both to feel into our fit.

​I work with an exclusive handful of private clients per year in my ALL IN programs (many prefer anonymity) so I can hold space fully with time, attention, intuition, ideas, creativity and flow. I’m your partner -sans equity. If you are called… click the button below and fill out the application form. This is for leaders willing to invest deeply in their evolution. 


Experience of others…

Emilie Cortes

“Stephanie is one of the most intuitive and visionary people with whom I have ever worked. She is grounded in the practicality of getting things done to make impact and balances that with the aspirational goal of raising our overall level of consciousness.”

Anna Ruth Henriques

“Thank YOU, Stephanie. Working with you has expanded me in ways I never thought possible. You’ve helped me see and believe in and manifest the merest twinkling of imagination into reality. You’ve also been patient and persistent to ensure a break-through, and for all I am infinitely grateful!”

Susan Manewich

“For those who “are on mission” these times can feel significantly challenging. We need the expertise and care of others equipped to help us through the next phase of the ever evolving spiral upwards to fulfill our spirit’s journey here during this time. Some moments feel like a make it or break it phase in our life. Stephanie is a shaman to guide you through those spiritual emergencies safely and faster. Her strength and capacity to hold energy and space with genuine connective care helps you move through and access your own mastery for rapid release and a higher level re-connection.”

Lucinda Rae

“Stephanie always sees the bigger vision and helps you see and take big quantum leaps. Her clarity and decisive powers are whip smart and the value she pours into our coaching container always seems to multiply exponentially. Her strategic insight, masterful space holding and consistently present support helped me with my focus while massively upleveling my potential. Highly recommend her expert coaching and transformational support to anyone who is ready to soar their success – inside and out!”

Naveen Jain

“Stephanie is an amazing role model for women around the world. We need more women like her who believe anything is possible.”

Marcia Mayne

“Working with Stephanie is like doing a university-level course. Intense. And I love it! I’m pushing against the old and sometimes it feels weird and discombobulating and I’m experiencing seismic change! I see a big difference in work, my business and life.”

Victoria O’Keefe

“Stephanie has the brilliant combination of intelligence, intuition, curiosity and passion to bring the best out of you. I gained significant clarity and condence, as well as a leadership mindset and thought leadership toolkit to move my ESG initiatives forward that will serve me in the decades to come. I highly recommend working with Stephanie.”

Lauren Baptist

“Stephanie’s coaching, mentorship, leadership, professionalism and healing capabilities blend to one transformative elixir. While working together, Stephanie helped unleash my potential and create an impact that will ripple through my life for years and years to come. Through working with her, I now have a nourishing business! Highly recommend.”

Harriet Bond

“I want to thank Stephanie for helping me develop new strengths, capabilities and awareness. With each session she blows me away with new techniques, skills, strategies, knowledge transfer, breakthroughs and new awarenesses that create quick and vast improvements in my work and my life. I’m actualizing my goals and beyond!!”

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Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

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