Increase Your Powers of Conscious Influence, Mental Focus and Manifestation for More of What You Want on Purpose

Welcome to your 90 day mind-mastery journey to increase your powers of conscious influence, mental focus and manifestation and:

  • Expand what you believe is possible 

  • Release into greater flow and prosperity

  • Take aligned action

  • Receive and increase more of what you want- and less of what you don’t want -on purpose.

This self guided 90 day Journey will support you in reprogramming subconscious patterns that may be holding you back from the health, wealth, joy, love, impact, freedom, relationships, and success you desire.

Release into alignment with your true nature, purpose, presence, intuition, integrity, intention, inner power, and infinite potential, using the Journey and Journal of Increase. Re-code your entire being with the System of Conscious Increase and start experiencing results instantly.

If you ‘do’ this journey you will absolutely experience the impact and ‘be’ the results. Unleash your innate ability to create what you desire, even more now, in every area of your life.

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“The results are astounding. In the first week I’ve observed myself saying things, changed it and even when I’m being interviewed it changes the outcome completely. This is amazing and it’s only been a week!”

Anne B.T. Author, Speaker New York

The 3 Questions:

 What do you want more of?
What do you want less of?
*One is always increasing
Which are you increasing?

Do you resonate with any of these?

  • You’ve been ‘on this path’ for a while
  • You understand your quirks and ‘issues’
  • You’re a high achiever
  • You ‘get it’ intellectually
  • Secretly, ‘it’s’ not really working for you
  • Can you really make this happen?
  • You’ve been stuck on breaking through to your next level in some area of your life
  • You’re ready for a life altering shift now
  • You wish to be of more service in the world
  • You are willing to give this your all and invest energy in creating lasting change in your life

What it looks like when we’re influencing our outcomes in the direction we don’t want:

Manifesting in the wrong direction?

Many high achievers I speak to feel like imposters, who struggle behind the scenes with inner doubt, stress and worry, fear of failure, fear of success, frustrations about their perceived identity, fear of feeling what’s under the feeling… 

A few key adjustments in their vocabulary, their perception, and the story they’re telling about their lives and the world, can have a massive impact. It takes practice to embed these adjustments and over a short period of time tectonic shifts occur. It’s possible for you too.

Changes happen inside first. If you’re feeling like: 

  • Things aren’t changing in your life, same patterns on repeat
  • Money isn’t moving in the right direction
  • relationships continue to manifest in the wrong direction
  • You struggle to bring others onboard with your vision and you feel invisible
  • Being seen or heard feels ‘hard’

  • Your business isn’t moving where you want it to go

  • Chronic illness stays on repeat

  • Fear overtakes rationale

  • Your health and energy levels keep you telling a certain story… 

I get it…

In 2015 The Journey of Increase was born out of my desire to change my circumstances. My old stories, subconscious imprints and emotions were ruling my mind and controling my life. I was in a dip. We all have dips.

I realized I was a master manifestor, however, I was manifesting in the wrong direction. It reflected in how I spoke, the story I told about my life and results, and the feelings I felt day and night. I was leading trainings and coaching on leadership influence! I felt like the ultimate fraud in that window of time while my clients were achieving amazing results. 

I knew I needed to take responsibility for my life and results. I needed to stop reading books about mindset, influence and manifestation, and take action to consciously choose to think and speak my world into being.

I needed to speak from my heart not my mind. The components had to include changing my vocabulary, shifting the language that came out of my mouth and out on paper. 

I knew this practice needed visualization and had to dive deeper into my relationship with the quantum field. I already had a keen sense of perceptual mastery that so much more was happening in the invisible.

And out came this masterpiece- channeled for me and for you from decades on the journey as a transformational catalyst. I put the program into practice and my results were astonishing. My life and business turned around quickly. 

I test ran this with friends and clients who had tangible results quickly and have since been using this program with private clients who rapidly shift their realities with quantifiable results. 

Now it’s your turn. Give The Journey of Increase a go. Dive all in and watch things change.

Manifesting increase in the best direction

The Journey of Increase guides you in an authentic process of changing your words, your thoughts, your beliefs, your experience, and your life. It works at the conscious and subconscious level.

Nothing is arbitrary about this process. You’re applying the System of Increase to outcomes you desire in your life through a daily practice of refinement. Tuning into the nuances of how Increase is manifesting in your life is a game changer. You’ll marvel as you shift your relationship with the direction and momentum of increase.

The more we embody our highest potential, the more our collective embodies its highest potential. Knowing this in our cells increases our influence. It’s our natural state, it’s in our nature, and we are nature.

Prioritizing the increase of our joy, alignment, purpose, happiness, prosperity, vitality… these are directly impacting a positive increase for the world.

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

We are always influencing our outcomes, either positively, negatively or neutrally… and rarely is it neutral given our host of subconscious programming.

What’s the

We are vibrating in a field, a quantum field, of energy, vibrations, information, and possibilities. 

Mastering how we interact with this field allows us to consciously influence the increase we desire in our lives.

We reprogram doubt, delusion and distortions out of our field and return to our natural state of abundance, flow and harmony. 

Yes there are bumps in the journey, and instead of contracting from them, we learn how to expand into them and direct these challenges toward what we desire to increase. 

If left to their own devices, challenges will increase more of the same – challenges. We get to choose to consciously influence their flow to increase what we want instead. 

For most of us, our default program is to fall into fear, story, or victim mode which creates more of the same. To interrupt the pattern we show up consistently with commitment.

Many modalities are available for pattern interrupting – cold plunges, saunas, breathwork, and leaping off 40 foot cliffs. 

I endorse all adventures that support transforming old default programming. Whether you’re doing any of that -or not- The Journey of Increase is a tool that will – if you do it- create permanent shifts in how you think, relate, speak, receive, believe, show up, and influence the outcomes in your life.

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

You’ll receive a spiral bound Journal of Increase plus instant access to an online library including videos, a digital mini version of the Journal, 9 audio tutorials plus 9 guided visualizations.

3 Pillars:

The Vocabulary of Increase: 

Rewire default languaging and infuse your vocabulary with life giving words.

Words have power that emit feelings and frequencies. When we recognize that we are casting spells with our words we can choose to reprogram our codes of expression. Being impeccable with how we cast words invites an awareness that expands our perception. Daily prompted journaling will help integrate a new vocabulary that flows like an open hearted prayer of certainty for outcomes you desire.


Limitations are exceeded first in our imagination. Our imagination is the seedbed of creation. Visualizing taps into our imagination. 

Our imagination draws from what we believe is real. As we stretch our perception of reality and choose the vision of what we desire – no matter how distant from our current situation – we begin tapping into the feelings of living that reality now. When we activate those feelings we stretch what we believe is possible.

Mastering non-linear perception:

You have permission to be in your own space, experience your own truth, and see the world how you choose without colluding with anyone else’s story. 

You have authority to choose to feel empowered, take personal responsibility, and to trust in your perception of whatever story you are hearing. You have permission to start telling a different story of your life, to tap into the invisible and choose the outcomes you desire to call in now.

Why the world needs the

Life is always on increase…

  • We are always influencing our outcomes either positively or negatively

  • What you focus on multiplies 

  • What you’re subconsciously influencing multiplies equally

  • The energy and frequency you’re emitting is an antennae attracting more of the same

  • Our words carry frequencies

  • We want to improve our world yet we cast spells of negativity and limitation 

  • We’re influenced by outside forces at all times

  • What you increase sets up reciprocity in the Universe

  • You can choose to be your own influence instead

  • The world also benefits when we activate conscious increase 

  • Rapid shifts are available now when you choose the Journey of Increase for more of what you want on purpose

Which increase are you tapped into?

It’s not our fault. We’ve been programmed.

To live a sovereign powerful life we get to rewire our subconscious minds and choose our own channel of positive INCREASE.

Since we were young we’ve been constantly bombarded with information, messaging, programming, default patterns, social cues and conditioning, plus media that is constantly inputting what we receive, how to think, act, spend, speak, believe, and make meaning of it all. 

It’s no wonder so many people are stressed, depressed, burned out, on information overload, disconnected and in a constant state of high alert or worry. 

Our energy is affecting others, our leadership, our health, happiness, relationships, financial situation (or meaning we make of it) and more importantly, our sacred relationship with ourselves.

Thousands of mindset books tell us we need to change our thoughts to change our lives. 


And here is a tool to help you do it now.

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

What happens in the

Words manipulate energy. They are codes of expression casted as ‘spells.’ That’s why we spell them. Our words are influenced and they influence. 

The Journal of Increase exercises along with the audio trainings and visualizations will guide you into a state of deep self awareness with intentional prompts that support you in ‘spelling’  your world into being. There is nothing woo woo about this program. It’s as practical as they come.

If you haven’t done anything like this before, you will be amazed how these simple focused practices sharpen your mind, expand your heart, and have rapid impacts in your life.  

  • Your words create your reality. 
  • Mental focus directs the energy of your intention. 
  • Emotional alignment accelerates your results. 

Impeccability with our word is a vast journey that begins in the ‘NOW’ moment – as soon as we choose and acknowledge our ability to influence ourselves. 

How we influence is how we  ‘spell’ (verb) as we write, speak, think, emote, believe, and feel into the outcomes desired.

It’s not always a linear process. Practicing in the playground of the non-linear (quantum) is where we become masters of ‘spelling’ our desired worlds into Being.

While words manipulate energy, your imagination manipulates your reality. Your reality is either limited by linear thinking or expanding with limitless possibilities that includes perceiving the non linear, non local, reality that exists simultaneously.

*Think of linear as 1 + 2 = 3 or but for A and B then C. Think of non-linear as, 1 can leap outside of numerical order, and A can lead straight to Z or beyond without B. Scratching your head? Exactly.

Remember, there is so much more happening in the invisible. When we expand our perception beyond old programs of linear thinking, we dismantle limitations set forth by that program and open to opportunities, solutions and possibilities for ourselves and the world, way beyond the limits of linear causation. 

We have this opportunity to leverage the power of our words and master speaking into being our reality with intention, purpose, permission, presence, inner power, integrity, and intuition, while tapping into the in-formation we need to imagine our reality into being. Imagine what you can create! Let’s go….

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

Major shifts are always reported in the first few weeks.

Over 90 days the Journey of Increase will guide you with an easy and fun daily practice that will help you:

  • Create clear outcomes
  • Accelerate your results
  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Give life to your dreams
  • Build mental focus
  • Expand your capacity to receive 
  • Release into a joyful place of peace
  • Be the best version of yourself
  • Witness the world around you shift in response to your epic rapid growth
  • Feel your powers of conscious influence creating more of what you want instead of what you don’t want
  • Celebrate your Increase


Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

“The Journey of Increase is a powerful tool on so many levels. The daily practices have been spiritual resets before the “storm of the day,” helping create clarity, and define what energy I will carry throughout.

I’m amazed how this program has taught me that I can, and how to, call for, attract and ‘see’ things that I didn’t see before -on a daily basis. At first I was shocked at what I was creating and now it’s my norm. Moreover, I’m acknowledging the good and increase in more of it, daily!

The Journey of Increase and journaling practices have became a routine exercise my mind now applies without even having to use the journal, trusting that, with the right energy and words, life will turn up in the most perfect way. So many huge changes, I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

– Cécile Sother, Impact Investor

Why Trust This System of Increase?

This system contains the expansive life giving formula that taps into the vocabulary we were never taught that will allow you to tap into your true power to rapidly transform that which no longer serves you.

This journey will help you: 

  • Gain clarity about what you really want, how to articulate specific outcomes that point like arrows of increase in the direction you’re aiming, 
  • Expand into who you get to become to act on your dreams and receive them
  • Manifest results more rapidly by applying the practices in this system.


*The Journey of Increase is a subconscious mind reprogramming technique


  • It requires your conscious mind to work the process and Alignments and use the system consistently and intentionally.
  • It asks you to commit to yourself- you can choose to work this over a year or more- it doesn’t have to be done in 90 days. The system will begin to work for you and you will experience an increase as soon as you lock in the key and begin ‘doing it.’

This program works no matter what stage of your journey. We all have blocks, plateaus, down times, and we can all benefit by leveraging new tools to shift, align, transform and activate what we deeply desire – from inside out.

Commit to a new strategy and see what happens!

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

What’s included in the

✔ Instant access to the online member portal

✔ The digital Journal of Increase prompter

✔ Teaching videos

✔ 9 Easily digestible audio trainings

✔ 9 Audio guided visualizations to facilitate your success in this program

✔ 1 Beautiful Spiral Bound 90 day Journal of Increase mailed directly to you 

What this program is?

✔ A method to reprogram your subconscious mind

✔ A map to manifesting your deepest desires

✔ A tool to use over and over in your life

✔ A vocabulary you may never have known

✔ A memory improvement method

✔ A mental focusing practice

✔ A paradigm shifting technique 

✔ A practice to increase your influence in every area of your life

✔ A journal you write in daily or at your pace, which helps you implement this learning system

✔ An audio training program to truly help you change at a cellular level

✔ A visualization tool box to support your expansion 

✔ A system to improve communications that will radically impact your business, personal and professional life.

What this program is NOT?

✘ It’s not a quick fix

✘ An overnight pill

✘ A done for you deal

✘ A promise all will succeed

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

What You Will Gain From The

✔ Create specific and measurable outcomes

✔ Get clear on what you’re asking for (what do you want)

✔ Program your mind to create these outcomes

✔ Plug into the Universal Quantum Field 

✔ Increase your powers of conscious influence

✔ Learn and hone a powerful manifesting technique that works in all areas of your life

✔ Hone your powers of mental focus.

✔ Sharpen your memory 

✔ Create money flow

Improve relationships and communications

✔ Improve decisiveness

✔ Improve confidence

✔ Increase energy

✔ Create a deeper connection to your inner power

✔ Align to your next level of purpose

✔ Magnetize people

✔ Improve joy and happiness

✔ Create a deeper sense of alignment

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

Testimonies for

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this powerful tool! Design excellence often appears simple when its actually a product of extreme complexity, deliberation and wisdom, artfully presented to attract the viewer!

This journal meets those exact criteria of elegant design. I have personally found that the consistent use of this tool, with Stephanie’s process, can bring forth from your field of possibility, anything your heart truly desires – with amazing speed and accuracy. I have used and provided to my own clients, a variety of journaling and visualization tools over 14 years working as an Executive Coach, Business Coach and Organisational Development consultant. I was initially wondering how this Journal could be so different.

However I road-tested the Journal over several weeks with an open mind, and was amazed at the power and potential it offers. After writing a clear intention of seeing an additional $25,000 in revenue into my business bank account over what I had forecasted – and applying myself with honesty and commitment to Stephanie’s process – this outcome occurred, within a few days.

Initially I could see the about a quarter of this money potentially becoming available, if certain proposals were accepted. However the remainder arrived in the form of introductions to brand new prospects, a former client unexpectedly returning, a bold approach to an existing client which I might not otherwise have done, and a completely new assignment offered to me, worth over $10,000 that I had no idea was coming. The timing was impeccable, and it all added up to exactly the $25,000 amount that I had written – I was amazed!

I believe these results are largely attributable to the level of focus this process requires and the increased feeling of personal power that it generates, as well as the carefully crafted structure of self-talk that this Journal and Stephanie’s process contain. I have now added this to my daily practices and am excited to see what else can emerge through the consistent application of Stephanie’s process, over a longer time period – as my field of possibility expands!

Sue Tsigaros, Australia

Iris Group Pty Ltd

“Stephanie’s Journal of Increase is an incredible system that still has me in awe.  I had the impression that work was ok and I was on a decent path.  Yet something always felt incomplete or missing.  Since working with this system, I have experienced many levels of awareness, awakening and understanding exponentially more about myself, my alignment and my self-imposed limiting factors.

In just one month of using the Journal of Increase and the 8 Protocol system, I have double my revenue and income, lost 18 pounds, feel great and so much more is just steps away from realization. All of this in weeks!  Amazing!  Simply amazing!”

Michael Landau

Vice President, EMagSolutions

I was initially skeptical of the Journey of Increase program, not because of the protocol, but because of the overall premise that it could actually change my perspective on life. I couldn’t be any more wrong.

The Journey of Increase is a transformative, 90-day process that rewires the brain to invite more positivity and richness to your life. Whether it’s something tangible, like more money, or something more inward, like a deeper sense of gratitude, the program shed my scarcity-thinking mindset and invited more courage and abundance into my life.

The Journey of Increase program has a methodical way of realigning my actions with what my heart actually desires. It’s simple, yet effective. What you put into this program comes back 10x. Now looking back, I see how much growth I’ve made, including how I used to hinder my own potential. Not anymore. I highly recommend this program now!

Lauren Baptitse

Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Alcheloa Wellness

The Journey of Increase is a powerful tool on so many different levels. The daily practices have been spiriitual resets before the “storm of the day,” helping create clarity, and define what energy I will carry throughout. I’m amazed how this program has taught me to call for, attract and ‘see’ things that I didn’t see before -on a daily basis. At first I was shocked at what I was creating and now it’s my new norm. Moreover, I’m acknowledging the good and increase in more of it daily! The Journey of Increase and journaling practices have became a routine exercise my mind now applies without even having to fill up the journal, trusting that, with the right energy and words, life will turn up in the most perfect way. Highly recommend this program to everyone.

Cécile Sother

Still not sure if you want to increase feelings of:

  • Alignment
  • Positive impact
  • Health
  • Vitality
  • Energy
  • Peace
  • Better relationships
  • Ease
  • Freedom
  • Flow
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Beauty
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity

It may not be a fit.

  • Changing our patterns is not always a quick fix. If you are seeking a quick fix and to bypass the work, this may not be for you.

  • This isn’t for anyone who is stuck on blaming others for their life – unless you truly desire to break free from this pattern

  • This program is not for you if you expect it to work when you haven’t actually done anything

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the Journey of Increase?

Stephanie Trager is the author and creator of the Journey of Increase. She has been on her awakening personal growth journey for more than 4 decades and has been teaching, facilitating and coaching for about 18 years. Her personal journey and experience holding space for hundreds of individuals and groups led her to create this intentional three pronged process backed by linear science and her knowledge of the invisible. Learn more about Stephanie here.

Can I do it on my own or do I need coaching?

The system is designed for you to experience amazing results on your own. It’s best if you use the spiral bound journal for maximum results. Make sure to listen to the audio trainings and do the guided visualizations when needed to support you in the Journal of Increase exercises. Coaching is always supportive to breakthrough our blind spots. Coaching is available if needed at an additional investment.

Do I need to have the Journal of Increase or will the digital version work as well?

The System of Increase is taught in detail in the online portal. You’ll have access to audio trainings to guide you in the process and you’ll have the digital journal guide to get you going. The Journal of Increase is well worth the small investment. It’s a separate offering in case you absolutely abhor having an extra journal to use! I highly recommend if you are not purchasing the journal, that you use something daily to write your entries.

Can I have a refund if I don’t like the program?

My desire is this system does what it says it will do for you…

When you purchase this program you’ll have instant access to the online portal so you can begin implementing the system right away before you receive the Journal of Increase – if you’ve added this to your cart. However if you’re not 100% satisfied that we delivered what was promised, please contact us immediately!

Refunds will require that you’ve worked some of the program so please review this page and listen to your gut, it’s an exercise in the Journey of Increase. If you feel you will not ‘do’ it, then don’t purchase it. If you have any questions you’d like answered before you purchase the program please email us at with any and all questions and we’ll be sure to answer them until you feel confident in a decision.

What amount of time is required to achieve results

You can invest a minimum of 5 minutes a day to experience results. Best to do in the morning and set reminders to ‘tune in’ to your Alignments throughout the day.

It’s recommended to invest 20 minutes a day at least a few times a week. You may want to spend an hour dropping in to the audio trainings or visualizations and journaling exercises. Each day can be different. The aim is to start integrating the practices and then they may take less time once you have the hang of it. You can then carve out a few days where you go deep. It’s a flow, just like the Journey of Increase. You’ll find your own.

Does the program start on a specific date?

Nope. This is a self guided journey. You pick the date and you’ll add to the Journal your 90 day window. Remember, you can skip days, or weeks or months and pick it back up. When you come back you can decide if you want to shift the dates to track the length of your Journey -or not. It’s up to you. 

We may run a coaching program with two coaching calls a month over the three month journey. If you’d be interested in this we’re happy to hear from you so please email

Can I share this with my friends?

To be in full integrity and alignment with the principles of The Journey of Increase, we ask you to share the link to this page with your friends and family and have them purchase on their own to be in the energy of reciprocity. Please, thank you.

Will the Journal of Increase ship internationally?

Yes. If you have any doubts regarding your specific country please email

Is shipping and tax included?

Yes. When you purchase the Journal of Increase which is recommended, we’ll cover shipping and tax.

Why is the Journal of Increase sold separately?

We wanted to make the Journey of Increase accessible and price accordingly. The Journal of Increase with tax and shipping costs more than you’d think. Because of this we decided to make it an optional add on. The likelihood of you actually doing the program and daily practices increases dramatically if you have the physical Journal of Increase to remind you and hold the space for this Journey. I recommend adding it at checkout.

Have a question not answered here?

We’re here for you. Send an email to and please give us 24 hours to respond. Thank you!!!

Purchase Now for $297

Instead of $397

Save $100 for a limited time!

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