Unlocking Higher Purpose


Unlocking Higher Purpose

Come home to who you really are so you can do the work you’re really here to do

If you’re a…

Truth seeker, change agent, thought leader or catalyst committed to positive impact and personal mastery, welcome to my vortex. I invite you to experience a deep dive with me that will take you where you haven’t gone before.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably made your mark (or two) in the world. You know who you are. Now you’re seeing the world in a different way.

You’re no longer aligned to the old, your expansion wants attention. You may be experiencing a wildly awesome transition or a dark night of the Soul, a painful letting go. Whatever it is, it’s your call to authentic inner freedom and alignment. Something else is definitely calling you forward from this point on. It’s the call of your Soul.

You want a guide who gets you, the journey and where you are ready to go, let’s set up a call to connect and explore possibilities.

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I’m Stephanie Trager

 A catalyst to catalysts holding space in a sacred container for intellectual, analytical soul seekers ready to come home to who they really are to do the work they’re really here to do. Sometimes we struggle to align our truth with our brilliant minds and hard won identities yet this is how we tap into our next level of exquisite potential.

Business mavericks seek me out when they secretly want a shaman yet prefer to bill for a lawyer or an executive coach.

Having lived multiple lives in one, I bring an eclectic mix of off the beaten path experience and intuitive, wellness, business, spiritual, legal, magical, healing, impactful, innovative, mindset, strategic and futuristic mojo to my clients.

I’m the creator The Inner Work of Impact and host of Catalyst Talks Podcast, founder of Intentional Paradigms and principle at Trager Law, the Conscious Contracts Firm helping thought leaders protect and scale their genius while rippling their impact.

Dubbed the ‘wellness rebel,’ a ‘purpose whisperer,’ and ‘legal midwife’ I couple sharp business acumen with potent intuitive gifts. As an Earthkeeper I’m on a mission to awaken consciousness on this planet so we can live in truth and harmony with ourselves, each other and nature.

Our work together is a path toward mastering your next level of higher purpose, peak wellness, soul mastery and deeper impact in business leadership and life.

*Oh, and… I have a stellium (5 planets) in Aquarius.

​You the seeker, are invited to step in…

Expand into Who You Are Becoming


  • ​If you’re called to a higher level of purpose and impact
  • If you’re in a pivot, transition, or dark night of the soul
  • If you’re ready to access higher realms of your own being
  • If you’re one who lives outside the box
  • If you’re a creator of your reality
  • If you’re a change agent with a vision to create a paradigm shift​, reboot our world and bring in our new earth
  • If you’re a thought leader ready to craft, position and launch your platform, program, keynote, methods – your brilliance
  • If you want a sounding board and trusted advisor to ask the right questions and unlock quantum solutions
  • If you yearn to come home to yourself and remember who you really are
  • If you’re hungry for deeper wisdom, to live and create from your soul and your heart
  • If you’re an awakened leader, inheritor or entrepreneur 
  • If you’re in transition or a moment of accelerated growth and what once worked is no longer going to work
  • If you’re ready to go where you haven’t gone before…​​​
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"For those who "are on mission" these times can feel significantly challenging. We need the expertise and care of others equipped to help us through the next phase of the ever evolving spiral upwards to fulfill our spirit's journey here during this time.  Some moments feel like a make it or break it phase in our life. Stephanie is a shaman to guide you through those spiritual emergencies safely and faster. Her strength and capacity to hold energy and space with genuine connective care helps you move through and access your own mastery for rapid release and a higher level re-connection"

Susan Manewich
Founder & Director the NUI Foundation for Moral Technology

"Stephanie is an amazing role model for women around the world. We need more women like her who believe anything is possible.”

Naveen Jain

"Stephanie's coaching, mentorship, leadership, professionalism and healing capabilities blend to one transformative elixir. While working together, Stephanie helped unleash my potential and create an impact that will ripple through my life for years and years to come. Through working with her, I now have a flourishing business! Highly recommend."

Lauren Baptiste
CEO Creative Founder, Alcheloa Wellness

​"Stephanie has been my "legal midwife," helping me create the structures and licensing agreements I needed to get my methodology out into the world.   That was a piece of the creation process that was holding back the birthing of my body of work, in ways I wasn't really even seeing.  Stephanie's business acumen as well as her understanding of my creative process, helped translate my intentions into legal language that I feel amazing about.  Working with her helped me move through a portal into the next level of my impact and I couldn't have done it without her.

Anne Rose Hart
Founder, Quantum Play Institute

"The experience working with Stephanie was exactly what I needed to take my life's work and company to the next level. I so highly recommend leaping to work with her now!"    

Denise Bozza
CEO Bozza Yoga

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