About Stephanie:

If you’re serious about self-mastery, awakened leadership, rebooting our world, personal growth, and catalyzing change from the inside out, welcome to my vortex.

All about coming home to who you really are so you can do the work you’re really here to do.

As an Earthkeeper I’m on a mission to awaken consciousness on this planet so we can live in truth and harmony with ourselves, each other, and nature. I’m a human rights and eco investigator, personal coach, and trusted advisor + questioner- of yours, mine, and our collective perception of ‘reality’. I believe we can create a thriving economy based on reciprocity, social and environmental justice. It begins with our personal growth.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • A quest to unveil your higher purpose
  • An inner-standing of how old stories, traumas, beliefs and mindsets are impacting our inner world which is impacting our outer world and outer impact
  • An expansive journey to widen our perception and activate all levels of our multidimensionality
  • A place to explore the nexus between our personal inner work and our impact as change agents
  • A commitment to a new way of leadership
  • A transformational journey to unleash our potent medicine (our unique and seasoned gifts) in the world
  • An awareness of how our unresolved inner programming impacts our work as impact agents and what to do about it
  • A vision and personal roadmap for who we get to be as renegade leaders ushering in a new paradigm

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Conversations with change agents, outliers, superheros, and truly conscious leaders modeling what it is to be an unstoppable force for good and truth in this world. What lit these catalysts on fire to do their work, and what nuggets of wisdom can they share with a world literally on fire.