In this episode we dive into:

  • Liberation is a frequency where higher purpose dances
  • Why ‘your purpose’ may not be feeling dialed in and instead feels disconnected and out of alignment
  • Higher purpose is a frequency not bound in roots of your old identity
  • How to use he Higher Purpose Identity Spectrum to break free from old identities that no longer serve who you are meant to become
  • What does it mean to be a quantum creator
  • A path to expand your capacity to receive – in all areas of your lives
  • Dial into your highest possibility where you thrive in fulfillment, radiance, joy, and alignment

Invitation from Stephanie


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About Stephanie Trager:

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Stephanie Trager

Dubbed’ a ‘purpose whisperer,’ ‘wellness rebel’ and ‘legal midwife’ I couple sharp business acumen with potent intuitive gifts. I’m a medicine woman, guide, evolutionary coach, former attorney, ancient tree communicator, and wellness rebel holding space for intellectual analytical soul seekers called to higher purpose. 

For 30 years I’ve been obsessed with finding keys to physical vitality, mental freedom, emotional peace, and spiritual expansion. I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to explain, teach, convey, coach, and strategize the ‘how to’s’ for integrating wholeness in ourselves, our businesses, our relationship with nature, and our sense of purpose and fulfillment in our one and only lives.

For more than two decades I’ve been coaching and developing modalities on physical vitality, mental freedom, emotional peace, aligned business, conscious communication, and spiritual expansion. Synergizing innate wisdom with positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, a background in, human rights and eco activism, business and corporate law, plus shamanism and alternative ancient practices, I meet you in the ‘field’ of infinite possibility.

Decades of experience as a coach and transformational catalyst for people from all walks of life, levels of wealth and leadership have show me this truth: ALL of us desire to BE MORE OF WHO WE REALLY ARE and DO WHAT WE ARE REALLY HERE TO DO. I’ve spent my entire life on this quest and that’s why I’m the guide for you. 

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Conversations with change agents, outliers, superheros, and truly conscious leaders modeling what it is to be an unstoppable force for good and truth in this world. What lit these catalysts on fire to do their work, and what nuggets of wisdom can they share with a world literally on fire.