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Peter Bonaker is a social scientist, author of Sacred Shield: Shamanic Protection for the World Today. He’s a teacher and practitioner of Shamanic energy medicine, he lives in Denver Colorado and teaches his methods of shamanic healing and protection throughout the world.

Peter experienced an extreme trauma and near-death experience at the age of 16. He worked for 30 years as an educator at all levels in public education, from pre-kindergarten through to the 12th grade. He taught post-graduate students as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver for 10 years and also, oddly enough, worked as a licensed building contractor (still today). Simultaneously during this last period, he began his studies and teaching in the field of shamanic healing.

Along the way on the shamanic part of this journey, he became curious about how a certain number of people presented repeatedly, exactly the same definite pattern reflecting the presence of what he came to know and describe as a very dark energetic form. The pattern never deviated and is quite unusual in contrast to the standard teachings in the shamanic field. This dark energetic form knows no boundaries of any kind that can be consistently determined. In the shamanic field, he has had the opportunity to work with individuals throughout the entire world. There appear to be no economic, geographical, ethnic, gender or other types of borders or boundaries that this dark energetic form refused to cross. Any and all individuals appear to be equally available, particularly when they might happen to be especially vulnerable for one reason or another. .

In 2008, Peter was invited to become an assistant teacher which led quickly to becoming a senior faculty member of the healing Light Body School and part of the Four Winds faculty. He taught for the next eleven years a Jungian oriented class called Walking with Protection, on through to many of the other master classes, including one he developed referred to Advanced Shamanic Skills. Both his shamanic practice and that class resulted in authoring the book ‘Sacred Shield: Shamanic Protection for the World Today’. I look forward with great enthusiasm to the global and universal healing journeys that lay within the times to come.


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