Change is Inevitable,
Evolution is a Choice


Unlocking Higher Purpose

Life Changing!

Working together…

I work with maverick change agents here to reboot our world- naturally.

The odyssey is about releasing the struggle to align our truth with our brilliant minds and hard won identities. This is how we tap into our next level of exquisite potential.

I hold space in a sacred container for intellectual, analytical soul seekers called to higher purpose. We’re at a new evolutionary stage and you’re exquisitely positioned to create a huge impact. Your Soul is calling the shots here- you have no choice. You want a guide, you want to stretch, you want someone who gets you and where you’re heading.


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This work is not a quick fix.

We dive deep and build an intimate relationship. We spend a considerable amount of time in meaningful conversation before we step into the work together for us both to feel into our fit.

​I work with an exclusive handful of private clients per year in my ALL IN programs (many prefer anonymity) so I can hold space fully with time, attention, intuition, ideas, creativity and flow. I’m your partner -sans equity. If you are called… I AM HERE or send a text 917-583-2866. Serious inquiries only please for leaders willing to invest deeply in their evolution. 


“Working with Stephanie has expanded me in ways I never thought possible. She’s helped me see and believe in and manifest the merest twinkling of imagination into reality. Her patience and persistence always ensured a break-through, and for all I am infinitely grateful!”

Anna Ruth Henriques

​”Stephanie is a Medicine Woman who catalyzes change and exponential growth!”

Senior Executive Producer, Media

“My confidence is up 80%! I find our coaching and Stephanie’s input invaluable. ​I consider her a valuable part of my team.”

Jayme Coates
CEO in Med Device

​”Stephanie has the brilliant combination of intelligence, intuition,curiosity and passion to bring the best out of you.” 

​Victoria Shelton
ESG Institutional Management

“Stephanie a shaman who can guide you through spiritual emergencies safely and at a faster pace. Her strength and capacity to hold energy and the right space with genuine connective care helps you move through and access your own mastery for release and a higher level reconnection.”

Susan Manewich
Evolutionary Leader, Author “Hidden Energy”

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