About Gino Borges:

Gino Borges is an investor in impact-driven companies, with an emphasis on social and ecological resilience. He is a partner at OpenPath Investments, which transforms ordinary apartment complexes into thriving communities via its Urban Village program. Additionally, he’s partnered with FullCycle, facilitating a co-investment to bring institutional-grade climate investments to retail investors.

Gino speaks and teaches about impact investing, multi-family real estate, community resiliency, wealth stewardship, and monetary networks. He is the host of The Poetry of Impact Podcast and curator of Poetry of Impact.


In this episode we dive into:

  • The power of language and words
  • Keeping it real when it comes to the intellect
  • The impact of cultural tools for particular silos that live in the head and how to bring them to the heart
  • Matrix, metrics, purpose and programs
  • How to de-program our minds, and come from truth and heart when it comes to industries meant for positive impact
  • Lifestyle hacking tips for straddling both the world of poetry and the world of grammar
  • Where our Soul’s live and why experience the question
  • How to use the matrix to express your earthly contribution

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