Unidimensional leadership is but a stone in the mountain where we walk to embody our multidimensional selves



Unidimensional Leadership is but a Stone in the mountain where we walk to Embody our Multidimensional selves


“If you want to save the world, start with yourself.”

Mahatma Gandhi

5 Inner Work of Impact Alignments:

    • Visionary inspiring infinite possibility paradigms
    • Craft new pathways for whole, vibrant, living landscapes
    • Catalyze reciprocity building networks and partnerships 
    • Expand trust and empowerment through coaching and consulting
    •  Create space for vulnerability, authenticity, divergent thinking and worldviews

I hope we can continue the Inner Work of Impact at Toniic. Everyone who comes absolutely loves it!”

Cindy Ko, Head of EMEA, Toniic

About the Inner Work of Impact

We want to change the world. We want to solve global challenges. We want inner freedom, We want equity, justice, and environmental sustainability. We want to stop climate change. We want to feel alive, healthy and on purpose.

We want systems change yet bias keeps us attached to our beliefs and worldview about the system.  

We want to disarm our inner conflicts. We want to end poverty. We want to feel abundant in love, prosperity, purpose and meaning. We want to thrive and be healthy. We want to align our values, actions and money. We want to re-imagine capitalism. We want to honor our boundaries. We want to understand and activate change in all the broken systems. We want to embody self love. We want to end war. We want inner peace. We want the truth, we want to stop lying to ourselves. And…

“Until you meet the unconscious on the inside it will continue to meet you on the outside.”

Carl Jung

When we stop coming at problems as effects needing a fix or a solution and start coming with an eye on causation, we ask different questions.

We don’t have to save the tigers, climate change has no more breaking news needing groundbreaking solutions. We need to stop the behaviors causing the problems.

And where do these problems begin? How is our personal healing, transformation and inner work connected to solving global problems? 

We live in a multidimensional holographic world. Until we clean up our world on the inside, it will continue to meet us on the outside. It will show up in our lives as health issues, relationship challenges, self image problems, skewed money stories, distorted perceptions, unhealthy patterns, dot … dot …

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world and this goes for the state of global affairs. At this moment in time one of the most powerful contributions we can make to society and mother earth is to do our inner work. 

Taking responsibility for our collective dream (or nightmare) begins by looking inward. Where does this thing live in me? Where does violence live in me? Where does cheating live in me? Where does the dark side live in me? Where does disconnection from nature as a collective stem from my own disconnection from nature – or myself (my true self)?

This is where we begin, this is The Inner Work (alchemy) of Impact.

“We can only see as far as we can see.” 

The inner work is always accelerated when we have a guide. The Inner Work of Impact Deep Dives are uniquely designed bespoke offerings for individuals, teams, or organizations to catalyze rapid growth. This is the stuff of warriors. We go deep. We aim for the root. You are held in a powerful container. The shifts are quantum. They are personal, vulnerable, impactful, and transformative. We connect the internal impacts to our external impacts. This is what radical responsibility looks like.

We see the impact of not doing the inner work and we see the larger macrocosm of how this pattern plays out in the collective.

Once we’ve done the work we access deeper realms within ourselves and tap into new levels of perception, we bypass Cause and Effect and shift things in the Quantum Field. This is not woo woo, it’s physics.

“Our bodies mirror the universe,
down to the working of each cell.”

Itzhak Bentov

The Question Is…

Are we willing to challenge our worldviews and perceptions of reality- including the problems we see in the world and how we approach solving them?

What if we are only seeing a fraction of what needs to be seen and the rest is limited by the distance we’ve gone in clearing up our own personal traumas, the trauma of our lineage, our limiting beliefs and mindsets, emotional wounds, and all the other ‘baggage’ we carry into our adult journey? 

Can you imagine the shift in impact from a more connected, awake, aware, tapped in, turned on, empowered group with a common mission? Can you imagine how as a leader personally this level of quantum evolution can set you on a path of inner freedom, self-love, and devotion while giving you a competitive edge? Can you see how you’d have a more positive aligned impact in the world?

The ‘Inner Work of Impact’ is an inspirational self-reflective Deep Dive for personal inquiry honing in on the ‘inner growth edge’ of our own transformation. 

A starting point is always Our Inner Growth Edge.

We all have that thing inside-our

‘Inner Growth Edge.’

It’s the thing that’s up for us (can be big or small) that when we look, dive in, untangle, heal, transform, mature, and move through, will set us free. We won’t repeat the pattern.

What is up for healing, transforming, growing, seeing, hearing, and feeling in our own lives which when transformed will catalyze our deeper work as impact agents?

The Inner Work of Impact is about taking a look at our patterns, seeing how they inform our worldview, beliefs, mindsets, and our paradigm of thinking. We deep dive in small intimate groups or in one on one sessions to uncover how these patterns are impacting our lives, our experience, our relationships, and how they inform our impact as change agents.

What is your Inner Growth Edge?

“We are limitless potential bound by perceptions that no longer serve the highest evolution of business & humanity.” 

Inner Work of Impact Deep Dives Are

  • A quest toward higher purpose
  • An expansion through and past your inner growth edge
  • An inner-standing of how old stories, traumas, beliefs, and mindsets are impacting our inner world which is impacting our outer world and outer impact
  • An expansive journey to widen our perception and activate all levels of our multidimensionality
  • A place to explore the nexus between our personal inner work and our impact as change agents
  • A commitment to a new way of leadership
  • A transformational journey to unleash our potent medicine (our unique and seasoned gifts) in the world
  • An awareness of how our unresolved inner programming impacts our work as impact agents and what to do about it
  • A vision and personal roadmap for who we get to be as renegade leaders ushering in a new paradigm and beautiful future potential

Who are The Inner Work of Impact Deep Dives for?

We call in the intellectual, analytical folks who value personal growth and aligned positive impact in their work and the world.

These Deep Dives are created for:

  • Individual leaders (you lead a team, a family, an organization, a project, or yourself!) organizations

  • Teams (leadership teams), boards, families, members of organizations, masterminds, cohorts, and groups with a common mission who recognize that deep personal work is a requisite for deeper impact in business, leadership, and problem solving for the transformation of ourselves and the world.

Some who rave about the Inner Work of Impact Deep Dives:

  • Run family offices
  • Board members
  • Impact investors
  • Sustainability leaders
  • Lawyers
  • Founders
  • CEOs and Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Thought leaders
  • Executive directors

 Why and how?

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been seeking answers and working in the fields of law, human development and transformation, mindset and peak performance, leadership development and quantum healing, business, finance, human rights and environmental justice, sustainability, and now, what we call the ‘impact space.’

As the good work becomes mainstreamed I see a gap in consciousness to meet the demands in raising the frequency on this planet, on approaching problems from higher states, and from advanced perceptual states that are needed to connect all the dots and truly solve the major problems we are experiencing in this world.

This is why the Inner Work of Impact emerged. Until we expand our perception, do our deeper inner work, and see what’s alive within us, we will be creating solutions from the same place where the problems were caused.

I created the Inner Work of Impact modality, consisting of Deep Dive sessions for individuals and groups plus optional coaching to accelerate transformation at the deepest core level so we can expand our perception, raise our frequencies and elevate our impact in the world. The quicker we clear our inner demons, traumas, wounds, distorted stories, and beliefs, the quicker the outer world will match.

The side effect is joy, happiness, inner peace, freedom, and flow.

I’d love to share more about ‘The Inner Work of Impact’ and how this process may serve you, your team, your members, or your organization through one on one programs or group deep dives.

The intention of The Inner Work of Impact Deep Dive is to accelerate awakening on this planet so we can live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and nature.

Drawing on 27 years experience as a transformational coach, sustainability expert, impact strategist, human rights attorney and medicine woman, I hold space with an intentional and powerful guided process for groups and individuals to experience quantum shifts in their personal lives. 

I feel deeply honored this profound process has emerged as an integration of my life’s work and with much gratitude and humility I offer this up for the next level of evolution of business, humanity and the world.

Reach out to schedule an exploratory call and I can share the various bespoke offerings that can serve you best. Learn more.

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