About Dr. Gregory Damato, Ph.D.

Dr. Gregory Damato has a Bachelors, Masters and a research doctorate in psychology as well as a graduate diploma in science. Dr. Damato is the creator of The SuperHero Deep Transformational Program in Costa Rica working on altering deeply held beliefs while symbiotically balancing the mind, body, spirit and emotions. His areas of expertise include adjunct therapy with sacred plant-medicine, psychedelics, live food, plant-based nutrition, holistic detoxification, human micro biome restoration, heart and brain coherence, the evolution of the soul and overall mental wellbeing through the activation of our innate Inner SuperHero.

Dr. Damato has been facilitating in the expansion of human consciousness via the activation of innate inner magic by the unique emergence of intelligent fields of knowledge such as psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and the Law of One to create a more wholistic and fuller picture of true purpose via the evolution of the soul within this holographic plane we call life.

Dr. Damato has worked with clients all over the world since 2005 via energetic medicine facilitating in the  true evolution of the soul to remind us of our innate power  for transformation and deeper purpose which is needed now than ever before.

Playing off the grid in the jungle of Costa Rica, Dr Damato can be found hanging on the beach with his family, in the greenhouse or making the best medicinal raw chocolate ever.

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In this episode we dive into:

  • Knowing thyself
  • Accepting thyself
  • Merging with Creator as creator
  • So within so without – the holographic
  • nature of everything
  • How we are evolving from 3D to 4D to 5D
  • How we can accelerate our
  • multidimensional growth
  • Nature’s way of healing
  • What if we all could win?
  • How our fears contribute to collective fear
  • Finding joy and inner peace
  • What plants have to do with our evolution and inner healing
  • Why knowing ourselves is the key to changing the system so everyone wins
  • Clearing our own demons contributes to the collective healing so needed on this planet right now

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