About Brent Kessel

  • Brent Kessel, CFP®
  • CEO, Abacus Wealth Partners
  • Co-founder, Abacus Wealth Partners & Align Impact
  • Author of It’s Not About the Money (HarperCollins)

Brent Kessel has taught impact investing at MIT, has presented at seminars and financial planning industry conferences throughout the U.S, and has led personal development training on both coasts. He is the co-founder of Align Impact and co-founder and CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners, a $3.9 billion impact wealth management firm whose mission is to expand what’s possible with money. 

Abacus has been a dedicated impact investment advisor for over 25 years, including providing seed funding for the world’s first sustainable index mutual funds and being an early anchor investor in several of the most successful and impactful private equity funds in industry history. 

Abacus is a founding B Corp., is carbon-neutral, and donates over 1% of revenue to charity each year. Brent is the author of It’s Not About the Money (HarperCollins), named one of the top five business books of the year by Kiplinger’s Brent combines his years of financial planning and impact investing experience along with a deep understanding of the psychological dimensions of money to help people feel empowered to make significant and lasting changes in their financial lives and in the world around them.

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In this episode we dive into:

  • How much is Enough?
  • Where does this “Not Enoughness” program comes from?
  • What does it mean to track your purpose
  • How to navigate life when you’re in the story between the story
  • A pioneer’s journey to and ‘of’ impact
  • What motivates our hunger for more
  • How to dismantle the false belief of security
  • The purpose of money
  • How a former CEO integrates psychology and money

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