🌍This conversation with Danny Almagor is a must listen for ANYONE who loves deep thinking, experienced business perspective, and juicy flow between two people exploring concepts like systems change, non-linear perception, shared values, wisdom and action, right relationship, cognitive bias and dissonance, and good ole evolutionary banter. If that’s you, tune in, you are bound to find nugget after nugget in this one! Check out Danny’s work below and follow those links!

In this deep conversation we dive into:

👉A conversation on what it takes to build better systems and a better world
👉What would it look like to create a system that encourages you to be healthy, be connected, and live a better life?
👉Can we create a system that’s not only linear, what would it take and what does it look like?
👉Your wisdom, my wisdom, and right wisdom
👉What’s our shared reality?
👉The value and harm of certain biases
👉Pausing to reflect on simple questions for profoundly deep insight
👉The dangers of action without wisdom
👉How do we integrate traditional ancient wisdom with modern wisdom?
👉Imaginary numbers and solving problems in the non-linear
👉How do we make decisions holding the sacred

And so much more!

About Danny

Danny Almagor is the Chair of Small Giants, a company he started with Berry Liberman (who is also his beloved wife) to effect social and environmental change through business, investing, education and storytelling, and Australia’s first B Corporation.

From investments in start-ups through to large-scale projects such as solar farms, green buildings and regenerative agriculture, the Small Giants total portfolio approach proves that impact investing can span all asset classes and achieve both profit and purpose. Together with Berry, Danny also created and chairs the Small Giants Academy, a for purpose entity which houses the education and storytelling arms of Small Giants, which includes Dumbo Feather, Impact Safari and the Mastery of Business and Empathy. Its goal is to inspire wisdom and action for a hopeful future.

Danny was the inaugural Social Entrepreneur in Residence at RMIT, the founder and former CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia and is the co-founder and Chair of the Impact Investment Group. He has founded over a dozen for profit and non profit organizations including Sentient Impact Group, The Sociable Weaver, The Impact Club, Beyond Family Office, and The Community Well Northern Rivers.

He has served on numerous boards, including many of the Small Giants family of businesses such as Tom Organic, The School of Life, The Cape ecovillage, Pacific Biotechnologies and Beyond Creative, as well as non-profit boards and advisories councils including the Jewish Museum of Australia, Stand Up, Smiling Mind and the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan. Danny has been recognised through many awards including a Churchill Fellowship, RMIT Alumnus of the Year, EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year, UN PRI Social Investment Pioneer and the Medal of the Order of Australia.

He has trained in Aerospace Engineering, Business Administration and outdoor education. He loves to read, talk about philosophy, garden, travel and jump on the trampoline with his three kids.

Websites in his world:

https://sentientimpact.com/ – Our latest investment vehicle
https://www.dumbofeather.com/ – Our magazine
https://www.smallgiants.com.au/ – The mother ship
https://www.regen.melbourne/ – Doughnut economics for a city
https://www.pacificbio.com.au/ – Seaweed solutions to waste
https://thesociableweaver.com.au/ – Homes connecting to self, community and nature.
https://tiverton-rothwell.com.au/ – Regen Ag

Books Danny Mentions:

💧 Predictably Irrational – Dan Ariely
💧 The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas: A Story (A Wind’s Twelve Quarters Story) -Ursula K. LeGuin
💧 Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions -Johann Hari
💧 The Good Ancestor – Roman Krznaric

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