About Hoda Mohajerani:

Hoda Mohajerani has synthesized over three decades of experience in women’s, environmental and human rights advocacy; natural medicines, premium organic branding, fashion and music production; into a systems-based, servant-leadership, to nurture and realize visions for people and the planet.

A graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Hoda’s academic background spans sociology, literature, arabic and comparative religions. She has worked with various ngo’s such as the Women’s Environmental Network, the UN, the Centre for the Study of Democracy and has been a frequent guest on the BBC.

She has been described by those closest to her as a: Visionary Leader. Servant of Love. Critical thinker and Compassionate Bullshit Slayer.

The many routes of Hoda’s personal “Silk Road” all eventually led to the founding of CHAKRA CHAI: A regenerative, mission-driven company rooted in the five thousand year tradition of Ayurveda. Their primary tagline “Conscious Nourishment for The Conscious Age“ hints at the company’s fundamental principle: Consciousness is at the heart of our existence. Our heightened (or reduced) access to Consciousness determines the realities that we experience- individually and collectively. The story of the becoming of this “Brand from the Beyond”, why it matters and how food can be a conscious vehicle of transformation (and vehicle for the transformation of consciousness) will be just some of the topics we will discuss on today’s podcast.


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In this episode we dive into:

  • What it looks like to lead from multidimensional alchemy
  • A snapshot of new earth business models
  • What’s a regenerative product and how is it made
  • When Soul leadership trumps logic
  • Leading in the dark when something else is lighting with way
  • Why old models will crumble
  • Tasting the difference when food is medicine for body, soul and spirit
  • Nothing is new, it’s all been done and until we innerstand death, we’ll stay stuck in an unproductive paradigm

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