About Dr. Gregory Damato:

Dr. Gregory Damato is a passionate spiritual warrior and has been rocking worlds for the past 15 years in Australia and Costa Rica with his unique zeal for holistic raw food living, detoxification, life purpose and symbiotic union of the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Through the interconnection of several disciplines such as quantum physics, psychology, neuroscience, life-purpose, herbalism and entheogenic and orthomolecular medicine, Dr. Damato pulls together several pieces to the overall puzzle to allow a deep sense of wholeness to permeate each soul who is touched by his unique presence.

Dr. Damato is the creator of The SuperHero Program on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica that deeply transforms the body while reprograming the mind, balancing emotions, and charging the spirit to reactivate the modern-day  SuperHero who leads by an example of love, light, and purpose.

Author of an at-home 5-day raw food program, raw food recipe book, or his acclaimed “Entheophotonic Elixir Book” are all available online here.

As the co-creator of Vegan Jungle Chef Training in Costa Rica, Dr. Damato seeks to deeply ingrain the fact that we are what we eat, think, and feel. Learn the art of self-love and symbiotic balance in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

Living off the grid in his circular jungle home in Costa Rica with his beautiful wife and 4 conscious children, Dr. Damato has a passion for wild spring water, planting fruit trees, sungazing, chilling at the beach, and conversing about the deep potential for humanity.

Dr. Damato offers distant energetic medicine sessions using the world’s most advanced energetic medicine device, called the SCIO. This device scans your body from any distance (with your full name, date of birth and place of birth) and gives the equivalent of 900 pages of information from nutrient deficiencies to emotions to pathogens, organ stressors, risks and much more. You will receive a complete analysis with all necessary steps to begin a deep transformation from herbal detoxification protocols to gut regeneration with the assistance of Dr. Damato.

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