Higher Purpose

For thought leaders, change agents, and conscious leaders ready to…

Align with who you really are, do the work you’re really here to do and receive abundantly doing it

Our world is at a crossroads and you are here to lead.

My fellow truth seeker, change agent, thought leader, or transformational catalyst committed to positive impact and personal mastery, our world is at a crossroads and you are here to lead. 

You want to be part of the solution. And, you want to expand, receive, feel joy, success in all areas of your life, be in alignment, make an impact, be seen, feel abundance, self love and inner freedom…

You know what got you here won’t get you where you’re going and won’t get humanity where you’re meant to lead.

You are in the right place if you want to…

  • Have clarity on what’s next, own your power, speak your truth, and create your impact from the most aligned and activated place

  • Receive an abundance of inner freedom, joy, money and fulfillment while loving the work you’re doing and impact you’re having

  • Make the internal shifts needed to lean all in to who you really are and what you’re really here to do


You’re doing all the right things and still not feeling aligned….

What you do and how much you impact is less important than ‘how’ you do it and ‘who’ you ‘be’ doing it. 

Because you know you can be doing the most noble work in the world but if you’ re not happy, fulfilled, well reciprocated, aligned…

If your purpose starts to feel like chains, you’re burned out, your relationships suffer, you’re living in a contracted old identity that keeps you from the fulfillment, money, visibility, or ability to speak your truth and be who you really are, then what’s the purpose? 

It’s time for higher purpose.

Higher Purpose is where you master your frequency as a path to the impact.

You let go of the old program.

You see new pathways that may not have been forged before.

You are confident and trust that you are the one.

You embody all the growth and spiritual teachings you’ve taken in over the years.

You perceive opportunities in ways you couldn’t before.

Higher Purpose is a frequency not bound in roots of your old identity.

Higher Purpose is the road our planet is asking you to take to listen, to hear, attune, expand beyond your limited perception…

Because your joy, love, inner peace, inner freedom, agency, sovereignty, higher potentials and spiritual expansion depend on your alignment with that frequency.

I’m inviting you to consider the possibility that when we expand our perception we have access to so much more.

From here what gets to happen is…

  • We call forth even more of our highest potential to trust in who we really are and step forward to be in our power

  • We awaken ours and others’ dormant potential by clearing old stories and calling on the quantum field to support in what we’re creating

  • We elevate the conversation beyond the linear realm, raise our frequencies and embody our multidimensional selves

  • We say yes to that gnawing feeling inside knowing we have more power to hear, see, feel and create what may not have yet been done

  • We hone, trust and discern our intuition and receive guidance in new ways

  • We dive deeper inside ourselves and clear out the resistance and any old blocks no longer serving us or our higher potential

  • We say yes to the transformation, the upgrades, creating, receiving and giving from a place of higher purpose


How we navigate this liminal moment, this portal of awakening, this call to a new way of being, living, creating, and showing up in the world is marked by how we embody our quest for these Four Pillars:

Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose is a journey of maturation to align with our highest potential. This pillar is the embodiment of who and how we need to become to answer the call of our future selves. The 6 Alignments include tools to upgrade our frequencies, expand our perceptions, clear old identities, tap into our highest potentials, clarify our truth, and revel in the beauty of our stories as medicine.

Soul Mastery

Soul Mastery taps us into higher states of consciousness to master our powers of perception so that we can answer the call of our Souls and the  potential we are meant to be. We embark on a Medicine Wheel Journey navigating the Four Directions of Transformation and beyond. We work at the energetic level, we use tools of transmutation and we accelerate our growth so that we may be who we really are and do what we’re really here to do. 

Peak Wellness

Peak Wellness is an upgrade to our physical vessel. We activate our deep reverence for the sacred container we call our body, the home of our soul, our mind, our identity, our unique expression of self. Peak Wellness invites us to assess our alignment with health from the inside and out at a raw and deep level and take whatever means necessary to detox, remove, restore, upgrade, and actualize wellness in every area of our lives.

Deeper Impact

Deeper impact in business, leadership, and life is where we get tactical while anchoring in the multi-dimensional realities and expanded perception we’ve embodied through the EVOLVE journey. How we actualize from higher purpose, as quantum creators may mean creating what hasn’t been done, becoming who has to become, and aligning with the energy of our greatest teachers: inner knowing, mother earth, the Universe and cosmos.

Evolve Mastery Circles

Your invitation to embody the quest…

The EVOLVE program is a twelve month bespoke private or group Council experience where we dive deep into each of the Four Pillars. To make this exquisite rich modality available to everyone, EVOLVE MASTERY CIRCLES are born.


EVOLVE MASTERY CIRCLES are shorter group experiences where we dive deep into One of the Four Pillars. I welcome you to join me in your journey of evolution through one or more of these pillars.

Step into the first pillar of Evolve


An inner journey of radical transformation to remove the old, create new pathways, tap into higher purpose and embody your power as a quantum creator.


(the Unprogram) where we:

ACCELERATE Growth through devotional embodiments

UPGRADE Our power as creators and co-creators

RECLAIM Sovereignty while dismantling illusions that bind us

CHOOSE to live our story as medicine, vulnerably and impeccably

DISCERN the spirals of purpose and identity taking full responsibility

FUEL our businesses, leadership & lives with expanded perception and next level frequencies to see beyond the linear

ACCESS our multidimensional capacity to see, receive, heal, grow, and leverage the quantum field


So that… we can dream our best lives into being.


Higher Purpose is a place, it’s not ours. It’s ours to access. When we access higher purpose we are tuning into the ‘field.’ The Universe is made of energy, not matter. Accessing the energy field is accessing invisible moving forces that influence our physical worlds.

To connect with the field – the quantum, the morphogenetic field, we start with the journey inside. We chisel out what’s not real, who is not you, what is ready to be let go so that you can step beyond the old stories and programs.

The more we transform, clear out, upgrade and evolve, the more access we have to the quantum and our higher potentials.

We create from expansion not scarcity, we become from autonomy not mandate, we choose with joy not worry, we receive with grace not guilt. 

The invitation to this immersive experience is to unlock something so profound it will spill into every area of your life ready for an upgrade.

Your expansion bleeds into your impact as an innovator, curious, emotionally and spiritually intelligent leader, and creator of new paradigms in this world. You master holding paradoxes, and polarity is your superpower. You dance in both worlds and create your heaven here on earth.

What happens in the …



You’ll be …

  • Unlocking quantum potential through deep practical embodiments

  • Learning concepts and tools to apply in your daily life to assist in your business, leadership, relationships, communication and personal evolution

  • Receiving coaching and guidance as you apply the practices delivered each week so you can fine tune and lean in deeper to your own transformation

  • Connecting with others in the EMC (EVOLVE MASTERY CIRCLE) to support your accelerated collective ascension process
  • Learn tools for ‘Ultimate Reframes‘ turning your story, challenges, or traumas into medicine for you and the world
  • Dismantling old ways of creating and doing so you can tap into your highest resource and power of potential
  • Speaking your truth in a way you’ve never accessed before 
  • Receiving daily insights to support rapid integration of the material and your accelerated growth

These are only a few of the potent places we’re going together.

What’s included in …



Weekly 60 min Calls x 6 (all recorded) with connection, exploration, experience, coaching and Q&A

Meditations and guided visualizations to help you integrate concepts and merge them as lived experience

Online EMC Client Portal to access audios, videos and the Journeybook for the Six Higher Purpose Alignments

Six Alignments

Access to a private Telegram group where I’ll drop in daily with alignment offerings, voice notes, messages, coaching prompts, where you’ll all be able to connect, share and continue the vibes between our calls

Guided embodiment practices

6 Weeks access to all material

The Alignments in …



Meet Your Guide

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Stephanie Trager

Dubbed’ a ‘purpose whisperer,’ ‘wellness rebel’ and ‘legal midwife’ I couple sharp business acumen with potent intuitive gifts. I’m a medicine woman, guide, evolutionary coach, former attorney, ancient tree communicator, and wellness rebel holding space for intellectual analytical soul seekers called to higher purpose. 

For 30 years I’ve been obsessed with finding keys to physical vitality, mental freedom, emotional peace, and spiritual expansion. I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to explain, teach, convey, coach, and strategize the ‘how to’s’ for integrating wholeness in ourselves, our businesses, our relationship with nature, and our sense of purpose and fulfillment in our one and only lives.

For more than two decades I’ve been coaching and developing modalities on physical vitality, mental freedom, emotional peace, aligned business, conscious communication, and spiritual expansion. Synergizing innate wisdom with positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, a background in, human rights and eco activism, business and corporate law, plus shamanism and alternative ancient practices, I meet you in the ‘field’ of infinite possibility.

Decades of experience as a coach and transformational catalyst for people from all walks of life, levels of wealth and leadership have show me this truth: ALL of us desire to BE MORE OF WHO WE REALLY ARE and DO WHAT WE ARE REALLY HERE TO DO. I’ve spent my entire life on this quest and that’s why I’m the guide for you.

This is the right place for you if ….

You’re in a deep process of unfurling even more in your awakening

You are ready to upgrade and sense a new possibility in the field - for yourself, as a leader and for humanity

You’re ready, willing and able to receive clarity, feel fulfilled and expand into new potentials

You’re committed to self mastery and are open for a framework to step out of old identities and programs so you can embody higher purpose and anchor in your power as a quantum creator

Why you in this EMC now? 

You are ready for your next evolution, to receive, create and expand in ways you haven’t done before. 

A small number of people -even semi awake- actually know what it means to call forth energy from the quantum field for healing, manifesting, expanding and creating in our three dimensional reality. You will know, be practiced in and expand your potential in every area of life as a result of joining the EVOLVE MASTERY CIRCLE where we go super deep on HIGHER PURPOSE as a path to shed, heal, release, transmute, transform, upgrade, mature, and accelerate growth.

Here’s what will be different after EMC: Higher Purpose 


You’ll feel clear on what’s next and how to navigate the bumps that present any murky illusions of stuck or off course



You’ll feel confidence in who you are exactly as you are and confident in why this moment is your greatest opportunity to say yes to yourself and what’s calling you forward



You’ll have tools to access and activate flow and higher purpose in your daily life so you can play with, manifest, create, and dance with your quantum potential



You’ll see your ability to receive as part of your medicine and purpose. You’ll clear up old stories of unworthiness, not enough and guilt around having so you can continue to expand in reciprocity and right relationship with all of of your relations


Experience of others…

Emilie Cortes

“Stephanie is one of the most intuitive and visionary people with whom I have ever worked. She is grounded in the practicality of getting things done to make impact and balances that with the aspirational goal of raising our overall level of consciousness.”

Anna Ruth Henriques

“Thank YOU, Stephanie. Working with you has expanded me in ways I never thought possible. You’ve helped me see and believe in and manifest the merest twinkling of imagination into reality. You’ve also been patient and persistent to ensure a break-through, and for all I am infinitely grateful!”

Susan Manewich

“For those who “are on mission” these times can feel significantly challenging. We need the expertise and care of others equipped to help us through the next phase of the ever evolving spiral upwards to fulfill our spirit’s journey here during this time. Some moments feel like a make it or break it phase in our life. Stephanie is a shaman to guide you through those spiritual emergencies safely and faster. Her strength and capacity to hold energy and space with genuine connective care helps you move through and access your own mastery for rapid release and a higher level re-connection.”

Lucinda Rae

“Stephanie always sees the bigger vision and helps you see and take big quantum leaps. Her clarity and decisive powers are whip smart and the value she pours into our coaching container always seems to multiply exponentially. Her strategic insight, masterful space holding and consistently present support helped me with my focus while massively upleveling my potential. Highly recommend her expert coaching and transformational support to anyone who is ready to soar their success – inside and out!”

Naveen Jain

“Stephanie is an amazing role model for women around the world. We need more women like her who believe anything is possible.”

Marcia Mayne

“Working with Stephanie is like doing a university-level course. Intense. And I love it! I’m pushing against the old and sometimes it feels weird and discombobulating and I’m experiencing seismic change! I see a big difference in work, my business and life.”

Victoria O’Keefe

“Stephanie has the brilliant combination of intelligence, intuition, curiosity and passion to bring the best out of you. I gained significant clarity and confidence, as well as a leadership mindset and thought leadership toolkit to move my ESG initiatives forward that will serve me in the decades to come. I highly recommend working with Stephanie.”

Lauren Baptist

“Stephanie’s coaching, mentorship, leadership, professionalism and healing capabilities blend to one transformative elixir. While working together, Stephanie helped unleash my potential and create an impact that will ripple through my life for years and years to come. Through working with her, I now have a nourishing business! Highly recommend.”

Harriet Bond

“I want to thank Stephanie for helping me develop new strengths, capabilities and awareness. With each session she blows me away with new techniques, skills, strategies, knowledge transfer, breakthroughs and new awarenesses that create quick and vast improvements in my work and my life. I’m actualizing my goals and beyond!!”

Need to talk this through?

Let’s have a brief call where I’m happy to answer any questions and support you in whatever is your next best step.

Ready to release the old identity and step into
your power as a Quantum Creator?

Step into the first pillar of Evolve


An inner journey of radical transformation to remove the old, create new pathways, tap into higher purpose and embody your power as a quantum creator.

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Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course Logo

Enter your name and email address to sign up for the Unlocking Higher Purpose 6 Part Mini Course!

Welcome to Unlocking Higher Purpose: 6 Part Mini Course! Look out for an email coming to your inbox.

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