Soul Mastery

A medicine wheel journey through the four directions of transformation 


Welcome to your beautiful journey in the SOUTH on your Medicine Wheel Journey.

As you hold the energy of the SOUTH, be intentional with your practices of non-judgement to yourself and others. Notice this is the place where we come back to the garden, where the serpent’s skin slithers on the ground, where we can choose to shed our skin all at once or one scale at a time – each has it’s gifts. Be mindful this it a remembrance of the linear, the factual, what is real, what isn’t, what belongs, what doesn’t, what needs to be shed so that your destiny has space to align, and remember you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Here is your sacred South Journey – Journey with the Serpent

In this journey, you’ll visit your ‘Momentum Tunnel.’ Gift yourself 20 minutes to be present with this journey and use the handout link below to answer questions and go even deeper.



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