[WELCOME] Your Medicine Wheel Compass

Welcome to your Medicine Wheel Journey, a journey of coming home to who you really are. This is potent medicine. Schedule time to do this journey, create the container, hold the space. 
How you show up and ‘hold space’ for this experience is directly related to the outcomes you will experience. You are about to unlock the next level of your medicine, a new level of knowing, seeing and being. I am immensely honored you have stepped onto this path with me. 
You’ll be receiving weekly emails with special content to guide your journey through the directions of transformation we’re working with and the chakras we’re empowering plus other on the spot check in emails relevant or needed in between.

It’s your responsibility now to step all the way in, engage with the process, connect with me and share when you’re feeling particularly stuck or in resistance, and also when you’re creating new awareness and embodying new levels of conscious activation. 

Download your Medicine Wheel Compass
You’ll also receive audio visualizations plus a deepening exercise throughout the program. 
Please use this coaching prep form 24 hours before our sessions. It’s a great way for you to tune in and see what’s up for shifting, growth and outcomes.
Please be sure to flag the link or place it in your calendar the day before our session.

Carve out time for this deeper inner work of impact, you’ll be grateful you did.
Keep me posted!