[NORTH] Medicine Wheel Journey Visualization + Exercise

Thank you thank you for journeying on your Mythical Path of the North. 

Are you ready to take flight and cross the rainbow bridge and play with your mythical powers?
We’ve been processing imprints that showed up for us in the South and in the West through linear acknowledgment and emotional release. We’re just moving up North to practice seeing these imprints in a new lens and to learn from this way of seeing. 

Here is your sacred North Journey – Epic Journey with Hummingbird 
Gift yourself 26  minutes to be present with this journey and use the handout link below to answer questions and go even deeper. Just know you will be integrating for at least 7 days so be gentle and allow stuff to come up- and out!
Light a fire, a candle or create an altar. Make this journey with Hummingbird one of ceremony, ritual and mythical transformation. Trust that you are your I AM presence, you know, you remember that you know what to do to connect to your Soul, the great infinite possibility that helps you energetically transform all challenges into sweet nectar.

Journey with Hummingbird
Listen to your North Journey Here

Click Here for Your NORTH Worksheets ‘The Sweet Quantum Shift’ 
*I AM = you already are perfect!
There are No – I have to, I will do, I need to, I’m going to… nope!
I AM = ALREADY IS! You already are.

Reach out with any questions, thoughts or feelings to share, or if you feel resistance at all to this process, please let me know…
Many blessings to you….