[EAST] Medicine Wheel Journey + Exercise

Welcome to your Sacred Journey with EAGLE in the East

Are you ready to fly wing tip to wing tip with great EAGLE? You who are so powerful, you who chooses to fly the highest flights and honor what you see below. Compassion is the wind beneath your wings. 
The East we honor as the land of the rising sun. Your rising sun is your new story. Enjoy Enjoy… Create Create…. Unleash Unleash… 
Gift yourself 20 minutes to be present with this journey and use the handout link below to go even deeper. Just know you will be integrating for at least 7 days so be on the lookout for signs and USE YOUR EAST PERCEPTUAL STATE!

Journey with EAGLE

Listen to your North Journey Here

Click Here for Your Exercises ‘”New Vision New Story”

Click here for your ‘Tarot Cards’ you’ll need these for the exercise above!

Reach out with any questions, thoughts or feelings to share, or if you feel resistance at all to this process, please let me know…
Many blessings to you….