[CENTER] Medicine Wheel Journey CHAKRA BALANCING

Blessings to you as you’ve circled this EPIC Medicine Wheel… From South, West, to North, East, Above, Below and back to Your Center. 

Today we connect, cleanse and balance our Chakras- the energy CENTERS of our Luminous Energy Field that connect to our physical body and connect us to the cosmos and universal life force of everything invisible. 
This meditation is about 45-60 minutes depending how long you’d like to sit and be with this exercise in balancing your Chakras. Below you’ll see the Basic Chakra Guide. 
The only exercise is to engage with the process in the journey… 
Just block off an hour to experience this next level of connecting to and unleashing the real you. If you feel called to journal after, you’ll anchor your experience even deeper. Enjoy!!!

Listen to your CENTER Journey here

Basic Chakra Guide CLICK HERE

Reach out with any questions, thoughts or feelings to share, or if you feel resistance at all to this process, please let me know…
Many blessings to you….