[BELOW] Medicine Wheel Journey Exercise

We’re circling the medicine wheel, churning up, letting go, surrendering and opening up to ALL that is available. 

When we bring our awareness to each of the directions – South, West, North, East, Above, Below – we can feel the power of the unseen world. We feel held by this enormous love and perfection. We find balance and harmony.
BELOW- brings our attention to our Great MOTHER EARTH – in the Inca Quechua language we say, PACHAMAMA. We also commit to watering our seeds of AYNI or coming into and being in ‘Right Relationship with All our Relations. 
Enjoy this exercise – and if you desire to journey- go back to the Journey from ABOVE. ALLOW yourself to go deep with these questions. Ask, “Is there anything else?” after you feel complete… dig in the earth, the soil is most rich deep within.

Handout ‘Creative Power & Right Relationship’ Click Here to Open

Reach out with any questions, thoughts or feelings to share, or if you feel resistance at all to this process, please let me know…