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Kogi Land Colombia Quest

November 10 – 20, 2023 

When visiting A Kogi community in Colombia in 2018, we sat by the fire as an elder Mamo (shaman) said that we then had 5 years max with life as we know it if we don’t change our ways and plug back in, all in, to nature. This Quest will be 5 years exactly from when those words were spoken. 

It wasn’t conjecture or listening to the news. It was an attuned listening that gave him the intelligence to know. We all have that intelligence and our next evolution as a species -and our joy and fulfillment- demands we hone in on it. 

He said that in about a year and a half we would experience new things (pandemics?) that would cripple our lives as we know them and that unless we awaken consciousness, the way Mother Earth would teach us would become more and more unbearable. 

The Kogi know things we use telescopes to know. They are an ancient civilization that escaped colonization and remain true to their traditional ways holding knowledges we younger siblings have forgotten. 

Join us on this Quest to re-member. 

I look forward to sharing all the details on this pilgrimage to learn, connect, explore and leave with new perceptions and ways of approaching our work and being in the world. And we’ll enjoy stunning beaches, jungle, landscapes, along the way.

Each time we’ve been there a reciprocity project has emerged. Through Dream Change, we raised funds to support 25 families move back to the lands of their ancestors that had been confiscated. 

Repatriation for the Kogi has comic significance (alongside equitable relief). 

This trip will expand you in ways you never knew possible. If you know you’d like to join us or are interested please respond to this email. More details soon…



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