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Increase Your Powers of Influence, Mental Focus and Manifestation for More of What You Want on Purpose

For More of What You Want on Purpose

  • Have clarity on what’s next, own your power, speak your truth, and create your impact from the most aligned and activated place

  • Receive an abundance of inner freedom, joy, money and fulfillment while loving the work you’re doing and impact you’re having

  • Make the internal shifts needed to lean all in to who you really are and what you’re really here to do


“The results arae astounding. In the first week I’ve observed myself saying things, changed it and even when I’m being interviewed it changes the outcome completely. This is amazing and it’s only been a week!”

~ Anne B.T, New York

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You want more of something.

✔️ Do you set your bar high, aim for greatness, and appreciate tools that facilitate exponential growth?

✔️ Have you hit a ceiling in any area of your life, your business, career, health or relationships? 

✔️ Do you want to manifest what you really want, or get clear on what it is you do want?

✔️ Are you on deck for a major life change or stuck in limiting beliefs about how much more is possible for you to manifest- RIGHT NOW?

✔️ Are you successful and on track and aiming for mastery? 

Why the Journey of Increase Can Support You In this Time

The Journey of Increase™ is a system designed to support you in reprogramming (upleveling) your subconscious mind to assist in rapidly aligning to that which you choose to call into your life.


This system builds your muscle of conscious influence. We’re always influencing our outcomes, positively or negatively. Conscious influence helps you hone your muscle of intention while aligning your thoughts, words and actions in congruent alchemy to speed up the manifestation process.


You’ll hone the Vocabulary of Increase (the language of conscious influence), your powers of visualization and working with the non-linear realm (energy).

What You Receive in This Offering

✔️ 90 day Journal of Increase mailed directly to you 

✔️ Online member portal with access to audio trainings and visualizations to facilitate your success in this program

✔️ One Private Coaching Session to support you and help you maximize this Journey of Increase – (value $550)

Why Trust This System of Increase?

This system contains the vocabulary we were never taught that will allow you to tap into your true power to unleash rapidly transform that which no longer serves you so you can create what you want on purpose. This journey will help you gain clarity about what you really want, who you have to become to step in and receive it, and how you can manifest results more rapidly by applying the practices in this system.

✔ You’ve been ‘on this path’ for a while

✔ You understand your quirks and ‘issues’

✔ You’re highly intelligent

✔ You’re a high achiever

✔ You’ve been stuck on breaking through to your next level in some area of your life

✔ You ‘get it’ intellectually

✔ Secretly, it’s not really working for you

✔ Can you really make this happen?

✔ Are you ready for a sustainable, life altering shift now?

✔ Are you willing to give this your all?

Purchase Now for One time Payment of $322

Just $244

for lifetime access!

Save $150 for a limited time only!!!

Here’s what happens when you commit…

Several years ago when I created this program I was stuck. I created the system to help me breakthrough and what happened was truly magical. Intention is a powerful tool and practices that reinforce our intentions are the medicine of real transformation. Because this system worked so powerfully for me I shared it with my clients and their results were marvelous too. So here it is for you. 


This program works no matter what stage of your journey. We all have blocks, plateaus, down times, and we can all benefit by leveraging new tools to shift, align, transform and activate what we deeply desire – from inside out.

Commit to a new strategy and see what happens!


The Journey of Increase™ is a JOURNEY and not necessarily a quick fix.

This Journey is a process. It may take time or it may be quick. If you work this system and ask your questions or reach out for coaching you will absolutely experience the sustainable shift…

CAVEAT: The Journey of Increase is a subconscious mind reprogramming technique.


  • It requires your conscious mind to work the Protocols and use the system consistently and intentionally.

  • It demands a commitment to yourself– you can choose to work this over a year or more- it doesn’t have to be done in 90 days. The system will begin to work you and you will experience an increase as soon as you lock in the key and begin ‘doing it.’

What You Will Gain from 

The Journey of Increase Program:

✔ Create specific and measurable outcomes

✔ Get clear on what you’re asking for (what do you want)

✔ Program your mind to create these outcomes

✔ Plug into the Universal Quantum Field 

✔ Increase your powers of conscious influence

✔ Learn and hone a powerful manifesting technique that works in all areas of your life

✔ Hone your powers of mental focus.

✔ Sharpen your memory 

✔ Create money flow

✔ Improve relationships and communications

✔ Improve decisiveness

✔ Improve confidence

✔ Increase energy

✔ Create a deeper connection to your inner power

✔ Align to your next level of purpose

✔ Magnetize people

✔ Improve joy and happiness

✔ Create a deeper sense of alignment

Purchase Now for One time Payment of $322

Just $244

for lifetime access!

Save for a limited time!

What this program is:

What this program is NOT:

✔ Private laser coaching with Stephanie to help you amplify the power in this system and set you up for success with the Journey of Increase

✔ A method to reprogram your subconscious mind

✔ A map to manifesting your deepest desires

✔ A tool to use over and over in your life

✔ A vocabulary you may never have known

✔ A memory improvement method

✔ A mental focusing practice

✔ A paradigm shifting technique

✔ A practice to increase your influence in every area of your life

✔ A system to teach you how to manifest what you want

✔ A journal you write in daily or at your pace, which helps you implement this learning system

✔ An audio training program to truly help you change at a cellular level

✔ A meditation and visualization tool box to help you deepen your understanding and implementation of your new vocabulary of influence and manifestation

✔ A system to improve communications that will radically impact your business, personal and professional life.

✔ It’s not a quick fix

✔ An overnight pill

✔ A done for you deal

✔ A promise all will succeed

When you Enroll in The Journey of Increase™ Home Study Program  ~Journal and Audio Training Course ~

✔️ 1 Beautiful Spiral Bound 90 day Journal of Increase mailed directly to you (savings on re-orders if you desire more)

✔️ Online member portal with access to audio trainings and visualizations to facilitate your success in this program

✔️ One Private Coaching Session to support you and help you maximize this Journey of Increase – (value $550)

My desire is this system does what it says it will do for you…

When you purchase this program, you’ll receive a hard copy journal mailed to you. You’ll have instant access to the online portal so you can begin implementing the system right away before you receive the Journal of Increase in the mail. However if you’re not 100% satisfied that we delivered what was promised, reach out to us and you’ll receive an equitable refund. Please contact us immediately!

Any and all questions are welcome. Visit….


Increase Your Powers of Influence, Mental Focus and Manifestation for More of What You Want on Purpose

For More of What You Want on Purpose

A 90 Day Journal and Mind-Mastery Program to Increase Your InfluenceMental Focus and Manifestation Powers

How you perceive is how you speak and how you speak is how you createAh the power of words in the Journey of Increase!

Use this program to hone your powers of conscious influence and own your power as a creator.

This 90 day program guides you in reprogramming your words, thoughts and sub-conscious mind. Your quick and tangible transformation will reflect in the results you experience. Ah exhale, we’ll guide you each step of the way.

The ultimate outcome?

 Give this the time it deserves and it will give you Freedom!

Be the first to know and receive 50% savings when The Journey of Increase launches this year!

“The results are astounding. In the first week I’ve observed myself saying things, changed it and even when I’m being interviewed it changes the outcome completely. This is amazing and it’s only been a week!”


Anne B.T, New York


Be the first to know and receive 50% savings when the Journey of Increase launches this year!

Praise for the Journey of Increase

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this powerful tool! Design excellence often appears simple when its actually a product of extreme complexity, deliberation and wisdom, artfully presented to attract the viewer!

This journal meets those exact criteria of elegant design. I have personally found that the consistent use of this tool, with Stephanie’s process, can bring forth from your field of possibility, anything your heart truly desires – with amazing speed and accuracy. I have used and provided to my own clients, a variety of journaling and visualization tools over 14 years working as an Executive Coach, Business Coach and Organisational Development consultant. I was initially wondering how this Journal could be so different.

However I road-tested the Journal over several weeks with an open mind, and was amazed at the power and potential it offers. After writing a clear intention of seeing an additional $25,000 in revenue into my business bank account over what I had forecasted – and applying myself with honesty and commitment to Stephanie’s process – this outcome occurred, within a few days.

Initially I could see the about a quarter of this money potentially becoming available, if certain proposals were accepted. However the remainder arrived in the form of introductions to brand new prospects, a former client unexpectedly returning, a bold approach to an existing client which I might not otherwise have done, and a completely new assignment offered to me, worth over $10,000 that I had no idea was coming. The timing was impeccable, and it all added up to exactly the $25,000 amount that I had written – I was amazed!

I believe these results are largely attributable to the level of focus this process requires and the increased feeling of personal power that it generates, as well as the carefully crafted structure of self-talk that this Journal and Stephanie’s process contain.

I have now added this to my daily practices and am excited to see what else can emerge through the consistent application of Stephanie’s process, over a longer time period – as my field of possibility expands!

Sue Tsigaros, Australia

Iris Group Pty Ltd

“Stephanie’s Journal of Increase is an incredible system that still has me in awe.  I had the impression that work was ok and I was on a decent path.  Yet something always felt incomplete or missing.  Since working with this system, I have experienced many levels of awareness, awakening and understanding exponentially more about myself, my alignment and my self-imposed limiting factors.

In just one month of using the Journal of Increase and the 8 Protocol system, I have double my revenue and income, lost 18 pounds, feel great and so much more is just steps away from realization. All of this in weeks!  Amazing!  Simply amazing!”

Michael Landau

Vice President, EMagSolutions

I was initially skeptical of the Journey of Increase program, not because of the protocol, but because of the overall premise that it could actually change my perspective on life. I couldn’t be any more wrong.

The Journey of Increase is a transformative, 90-day process that rewires the brain to invite more positivity and richness to your life. Whether it’s something tangible, like more money, or something more inward, like a deeper sense of gratitude, the program shed my scarcity-thinking mindset and invited more courage and abundance into my life.

The Journey of Increase program has a methodical way of realigning my actions with what my heart actually desires. It’s simple, yet effective. What you put into this program comes back 10x. Now looking back, I see how much growth I’ve made, including how I used to hinder my own potential. Not anymore. I highly recommend this program now!

Lauren Baptitse

Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Alcheloa Wellness


Be the first to know and receive 50% savings when the Journey of Increase launches this year!

Experience of others…

Emilie Cortes

“Stephanie is one of the most intuitive and visionary people with whom I have ever worked. She is grounded in the practicality of getting things done to make impact and balances that with the aspirational goal of raising our overall level of consciousness.”

Anna Ruth Henriques

“Thank YOU, Stephanie. Working with you has expanded me in ways I never thought possible. You’ve helped me see and believe in and manifest the merest twinkling of imagination into reality. You’ve also been patient and persistent to ensure a break-through, and for all I am infinitely grateful!”

Susan Manewich

“For those who “are on mission” these times can feel significantly challenging. We need the expertise and care of others equipped to help us through the next phase of the ever evolving spiral upwards to fulfill our spirit’s journey here during this time. Some moments feel like a make it or break it phase in our life. Stephanie is a shaman to guide you through those spiritual emergencies safely and faster. Her strength and capacity to hold energy and space with genuine connective care helps you move through and access your own mastery for rapid release and a higher level re-connection.”

Lucinda Rae

“Stephanie always sees the bigger vision and helps you see and take big quantum leaps. Her clarity and decisive powers are whip smart and the value she pours into our coaching container always seems to multiply exponentially. Her strategic insight, masterful space holding and consistently present support helped me with my focus while massively upleveling my potential. Highly recommend her expert coaching and transformational support to anyone who is ready to soar their success – inside and out!”

Naveen Jain

“Stephanie is an amazing role model for women around the world. We need more women like her who believe anything is possible.”

Marcia Mayne

“Working with Stephanie is like doing a university-level course. Intense. And I love it! I’m pushing against the old and sometimes it feels weird and discombobulating and I’m experiencing seismic change! I see a big difference in work, my business and life.”

Victoria O’Keefe

“Stephanie has the brilliant combination of intelligence, intuition, curiosity and passion to bring the best out of you. I gained significant clarity and confidence, as well as a leadership mindset and thought leadership toolkit to move my ESG initiatives forward that will serve me in the decades to come. I highly recommend working with Stephanie.”

Lauren Baptist

“Stephanie’s coaching, mentorship, leadership, professionalism and healing capabilities blend to one transformative elixir. While working together, Stephanie helped unleash my potential and create an impact that will ripple through my life for years and years to come. Through working with her, I now have a nourishing business! Highly recommend.”

Harriet Bond

“I want to thank Stephanie for helping me develop new strengths, capabilities and awareness. With each session she blows me away with new techniques, skills, strategies, knowledge transfer, breakthroughs and new awarenesses that create quick and vast improvements in my work and my life. I’m actualizing my goals and beyond!!”

You’re invited to experience self liberation, mental freedom, emotional peace, and quantum expansion through an evolutionary journey of higher purpose…

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